Monday, October 16, 2017


Actually, a tragic story about the death of a young woman who was attempting to avoid KCMO violence. Here's important coverage of a tragedy that impact family, friends and loved ones reminding us that local violence impacts communities beyond people directly involved in gunfire. Read more:

Family, friends gather to remember woman killed in Lawrence shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Dozens gathered Sunday night to remember the life of a young woman who was shot in killed in Lawrence earlier this month. Leah Brown, 22, was killed when unknown suspects fired shots at a crowd outside a bar on 11th and Massachusetts. Colwin L.


Anonymous said...

Don't go to any hip hop event or anything where there are a lot of black people. Doesn't matter if it is tough Westport or pussy Lawrence KS. Just don't go and your chance of living is far greater than if you didn't

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no good can ever come from attending a concert called Assjamz. Somebody just try to deconstruct that axiom.

Don Cardinal said...

Degenerative, no free society people animals can't behave

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling very few of Tony's readers ever go out and try to have a good time. Just a hunch considering how angry they are.