Monday, October 16, 2017

Kansas City Amazon HQ2 Long Shot Odds

A realistic appraisal of Kansas City's chances on the top prize in tech after an embarrassing and "desperate" stunt by the Mayor last week:

Like Google, Amazon Wants Good Government over Gimmickry

The imaginations of municipal governments across the country have been captured by the prospect of being chosen as the location of Amazon's second headquarters. The project promises 50,000 jobs and an overall investment of $5 billion. How likely is Kansas City to win?


Gray Back said...

Kansas City is all gimmick and no government. Bye bye Amazon.

Anonymous said...

They want good government? Why didn't they just say that in the first place? If we knew that, we could have just told them we were not compatible.

Anonymous said...

We have something way better than good government. We have crooked corporate ass-kissing ball licking government. Sly proved that nobody sucks corporate ass better. Just ask Buttfuck & McDouche.

Anonymous said...

good government? that's johnson county, kansas. very clean, goody-two-shoes area.