Is Kansas City Safe From Mass Shooting???

A topic the media is working to quickly ignore and push out of the spotlight . . . Here's local discussion of an increasing dangers amid typical weekend party district gunfire. Take a look:

After shootings, 'It's most important to keep the public safe,' Smart City leaders say

Citizens expect public safety from their city government to encompass such basics as sidewalks and water, Bob Bennett said. And for that reason, improving public safety must be a top concern for smart city projects around the nation, the chief innovation officer at the City of Kansas City, Missouri, added.


  1. KC has Smart City Leaders ?????

    Where ????

    Because SLY JAMES ain't 1 of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. No Kansas City isn't any safer over any other city. When some nut decides they're going to take themselves and a lot of other people out at the same time, the only place you might be safer is the vault at Fort Knox.

  3. These guys again wanting to sell Slick J' on millions worth of worthless sensors.

  4. Yes, public safety should be a top concern.
    Say the folks talking to "leaders" in a city of only 470,000 people which consistently has a number of murders one-third that of New York, with a population 17 times as large.
    Fantasyland on the plains.

  5. Herp name is stupid Dave...herp derp....only place safer is ugh...ugh...duh...a place without guns...herp derp..doy

  6. There is no "safe place". Mr. Herp derp is a fool if "it" thinks Killa City is safer.

  7. 6:59 or Herp derp whatever the fuck that means to an herp derp like yourself.

    SD is right and you just can't stand it.

    BTW assclown, Fort Knox is surrounded by guns.

    1. Don't. That fact that you don't know what a herp derp is proves you're way too old, and hopelessly out of touch. Go to bed!

  8. We wont have a mass shooting unless the drive by gang bangers all show up on the same block at the same time. Otherwise we will just have to be content with the notoriety of over a hundred murders a year. The slow steady kill seems to be working just fine without terrorists or psycho killers running wild.


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