Inside This EPIC Kansas City Old House

Impressive neighborhood comeback story after a fire . . . Check BEAUTIFUL PIX OF KANSAS CITY URBAN CORE INVESTMENT to fix one of the most impressive show homes in Northeast. Take a look:

Inside The Restoration

The restoration of the fire-damaged home of William Chick Scarritt is proceeding nicely. The roof is now complete and installation of windows has begun..the curved ones for the tower should arrive soon. All HVAC and plumbing is finished and the electrical will be complete today 10/15/17.


  1. "The Couple"

    Hmm wonder who that might be.

  2. Donald and Ivanka are moving in, but they are using "fake" names. LOL.

  3. I wonder how many sluts have been fucked in that house. Probably not as many as queers that have been buttfucked

  4. The couple owns John Deere dealerships.

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  6. Nice house to bad they can't go out at night.


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