Monday, October 23, 2017

Inside Kansas City Airport Almost Abandoned Terminal A As #NewKCI Vote Approaches

City Hall has pretty much scuttled this part of the airport in order to force a "YES" vote from the electorate. Here's a bit of perspective from an aviation standpoint. Checkit:

The Story of Kansas City International Airport: Looking Inside an Abandoned Terminal

Built in 1972, Kansas City International Airport was designed to be one of the easiest airports to fly in or out of, for both pilot and passenger. Formerly known as Kansas City Mid-Continent International Airport, the facility, located in Kansas City, Missouri, was once a fan favorite. For pilots, t


Anonymous said...

Vote no!

Force a common-sense remodeling.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article. They didn't tell the writer that the plan was to destroy all three terminals. He was not told that this was a billion dollar plus boondoggle to put up a cheaply constructed terminal that would put half a billion in profits in the pockets of the construction companies.

Vote No, No and Hell No!

Ghost of KCI said...

You stupid fucks need to ask yourselves one question. NO, let me answer it for you.

The yapping fools that continue to chirp about KCI don't fly. Plain and simple. You shit heels run your mouth and fly once every year or so, if that.

The truth of the matter is that the cost to repair KCI would be extreme. One of the key factors that should influence the vote for a new airport is the cost of TSA. There are MULTIPLE TSA checkpoints with THREE TERMINALS. Do you fucking idiots understand the cost involved with all those checkpoints ? Obviously not.

Each of those checkpoints has full body scanners and multiple TSA officers that man those checkpoints. All at a huge cost to the taxpayers of Kansas City. Do your fucking homework before you bellow stupidity you idiot fucks.

Anonymous said...

^^^ sLIE, is that you???

Anonymous said...

2:45 how would you know, maybe if you did some homework yourself you wouldn’t embarrass your self so bad with bad info unless your part of the scam

Anonymous said...

Lear jet set, big bucks guys, who stand to profit bigly from a new terminal, and their friend Ghost says, if Killa City can't bottleneck the filthy ol' flying public into a cattle penned central security screener FUBAR, then how's to hell Killa City gonna get the rubes to mill around long enough to oooh and aaah at the shiny new Cowtown Palace, then sniff out some grub, quench that thirsty, plus buy some pricey stuff for brats, and such?

Ghost just ratted the real plan. He says Killa City ain't spending any extra to have separate TSA areas. Nope, just line up elbow to a**hole while standing on your tired feet between shuffling along at a snail's pace. It's too damned expensive to have several separate seating areas with their own TSA checkpoints. CONVENIENCE is gonna be for the operations personnel and profits makers, NOT those silly passengers.

Anonymous said...

245 wants to lower costs by making flyers wait in long lines and suffer other inconveniences so airlines can make more $$$$$ and boondogge contractors and others can make $$$$$.

frequent flyers know that airports are a question of the least bad and KCI's convenience puts it above most others.

nonfrequest flyers want a romantic airport experience for their rare trips, where they can shop and eat at fast food restaurants in a food court.

frequent flers could be made totally happy eith some common sense remodeling.

Anonymous said...

How about we let Fedex take over and send people as packages?