Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Imaginary Downtown Kansas City Royals Stadium Evokes Council Ire Against Fumbling City Manager Troy Schulte

The development focused bureaucrat could have his purse strings cut for this foul play study. Or not. Here's a bit of behind the scenes that might never happen but makes for a nice update regarding City Hall backdoor bickering:

Should KC city manager's spending be trimmed? Downtown baseball study prompts council move

The Kansas City Council was unpleasantly surprised by City Manager Troy Schulte's decision to pay for a study of possible downtown sites for a new baseball stadium. That's one of the reasons council members are considering an ordinance that would sharply reduce Schulte's ability to spend taxpayer money without their approval.


Anonymous said...

It’s about goddamn time, now cutoff bow tie the clown from wasting anymore money too

Anonymous said...

Doesn’t the city council tell the mayor and city manager what to do???

Anonymous said...

God fucking dammit...How much fucking money was just spent on the stadium??? Now those downtown fuckups are looking for a new one...HEY FIX your FUCKING goddamn streets...I dont give a fuck if the bridges having fucking fancy wrought iron railing...Fix your fucking goddamn streets!!! what a bunch of fuckups!

Anonymous said...

We need to expand that ordinance so that it cuts down on the money the city can spend period.

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:12Am, chill out. The Royals are not looking for a new stadium. Maybe read the actual article before you jizz in shorts. How about that shit-flake? Because you didn't read the article and ran your potty-mouth, no more TV for you gramps! It's bed time! Maybe God will hear your pleas and take you in your sleep!

Anonymous said...

Actually, it is worse than you think. The Manager does not even have to notify the Council and public of what he spends and with whom he spends it!

Technically, you can order copies of all the actual contracts for the past few years -- and pony up @ $7500 for the copies so you can read through them -- but no LIST is maintained so you can just see what three or thirty pages to order.

The past Councils have not only abdicated responsibility, but made it easy to hide what is done -- even from them!

The Mayor needs to get on board and support this if he expects the voters to trust him and the Manager with a billion-dollar airport!