Horrific Lenexa Storage Shed Discovery: Mommy Dearest Found Dead Inside Cooler

Po'folk funeral arrangements and/or more insight into this Golden Ghetto dude dealing (poorly) with harsh times. Take a look:

Court records show chilling chain of events before mother's body found in Lenexa storage unit

Family members say their loved one is the person who police found dead inside a U-Haul storage unit in Lenexa. They are mourning the death of their sister, Jessica Monteiro Rey. Her hu­­­sband, Justin Rey, is in custody after he was found sleeping inside one of the storage units with the couple's newborn baby and 2-year-old child.


  1. Another one for the cold case file.

  2. He is Muslim. He may kill his wife anytime he wishes. It is the law.

  3. Some parts of JoCo (like Lenexa) are such shitholes and home to trash. I wish we could give them to WyCo. When you’re from a good part of JoCo, it’s embarrassing to be affiliated with the other in any way.


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