Thursday, October 26, 2017

High Time For Kansas City To Compete With STL On Marijuana Reform Laws!!!

Admittedly, STL is mostly a dump that this cowtown has eclipsed long ago . . . However, the 2nd biggest Missouri metro seems to be making progress on the topic of weed reform which threatens to advance their standing.

Check the latest:

KSDK: Alderwoman files bill to 'effectively legalize' marijuana in St. Louis

STL Today: New bill would allow for use, sale and growth of marijuana in St. Louis

Civ: St. Louis Looking to Decriminalize Marijuana and Ban Employers from Firing Workers for Using Cannabis

Like it or not, marijuana law reform is the future given that the majority of Republicans now favor legal weed for the first time. As Kansas City struggles to build a tourism economy with fake numbers and sketchy development schemes, more freedom from draconian drug laws is a far more effective strategy that has already helped other communities advance.

Developing . . .


Unknown said...

Legal for doctors, nurses, judges, police and social workers as well? Unlikely, we need these people. Just legal for the Dropout / lowlifes. This is a freaking joke

Anonymous said...

^^^ Do you think they don't use it anyway? Rather have them smoking weed than abusing alcohol - Which doctors do worse than anyone else statistically speaking.

Anonymous said...

I wish Kansas would. Oh wait, never mind.

Anonymous said...

Left KC for STL and never looked back. LMAO I'd take Chesterfield over Brokeside and Ladue over Overland Park any day of the week! Fuck Tonys KC and Jackson County Rednecks in Sleeze Summit or the hicks on KS side! Fuck Slim James,the Dike City Clownsoul and rest of you inbreeds. Stay you in your cowtown hellhole! 314/636 for life!

Gray Back said...

Patient: So, doctor how'd my surgery go?

Doctor: Fuck man, it was cool. Weird shit in there, man.

Patient: Doctor am I going to live?

Doctor: Fuck man, it was cool . Weird shit in there, man.

Patient: But Doctor, you're not making sense. Did you do the surgery or not!

Janitor: Na dude, I did. Gave Doc some good shit and took we off your leg.

Patient: Holy shit, I had a perianal cyst!

Doctor and Janitor: No shit man, we fucked up. Fuck um can't fire us. Next patient!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^Ugh. Terrible. Unfunny. Unfortunate, it appears as if you are desperately trying to copy another dull turd, chuckie cheese. You both are not funny nor creative in the least. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure he is chuck.

Anonymous said...

If the blacks want it then it will pass! Bwahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Only if a certain percentage of growers are minority owned.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're gone. Hope you get shot over in St Louis.

Anonymous said...

Hey, asshat at 10:51, comment on the topic for a change!
Everyone is tired of your snotty little criticisms of any posts you don't approve of, shithead!

Cut out the "ad hominem" critiques, or be prepared to face them yourself, except in your case they'll probably be more accurately "ad HOMOnem"!

Are you sure you want to start a battle of wits when you're only half prepared?

Anonymous said...

^^This looks like second-grade work. Derivative, dull, and it lacked a coherent message. Focus, stay on point. Do better...this work is unacceptable!