Guv Brownback Goodbye Moves Closer

The controversial tax reformer is one step closer to giving his home state the kiss-off. Checkit:

U.S. Senate committee narrowly endorses nomination of Gov. Brownback to religious freedom post

Gov. Sam Brownback overcame partisan opposition Thursday to earn the Republican-led U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee's endorsement of his appointment as ambassador of international religious freedom in the administration of President Donald Trump. The party-line committee vote of 11-10 moved the nomination to the full Senate for consideration.


  1. In the comments of the newspaper, there is this excerpt from Emporia Gazette about The Family or The Fellowship, a secret org that Brownback belongs to.

    I don't care. I don't think he will have any power to change the world as an ambassador. For the love of God! (irony intended), I just want him gone from Kansas! And yes, Dr. Jeff Colyer is more reasonable and will be an improvement.
    How can someone claim to follow Jesus yet not support programs that fight poverty and benefit the needy?This is a question directed at Sam Brownback, and a possible answer is provided in Jeff Sharlet’s book, The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power (Harper Perennial, 2008). Journalist Sharlet describes in detail the history, leadership and beliefs of this secret organization of which Brownback is a member.

    Brownback was introduced to the Family (also called the Fellowship) while interning for Bob Dole the summer before his senior year at Kansas State University. The Family includes such current government leaders as Chuck Grassley (Iowa), James Inhofe and Tom Coburn (Oklahoma), Bill Nelson (Florida), and Mark Pryor (Arkansas). Other members include former senators Jim DeMint of South Carolina and Pete Domenici of New Mexico, along with former Kansas Representative Todd Tiahrt and Watergate participant Charles Colson.
    Its membership roll is secret; it collects no official membership dues and issues no membership cards. Members are urged not to commit to paper any discussions or negotiations occurring in their work related to the Family.

    Prayer groups, or “cells,” are the core group within the family. The cell is unknown to the public and has veto power over each member’s life. Each member promises to monitor the others for deviation from Jesus’ will. Brownback told author Sharlet “that the privacy of family cells makes them safe spaces for men of power ... .” Power is a key to understanding this Family.

    Within the cells men develop a covenant with each other, and therein lies the power. Their premise is that when two or three agree and act as one, they have power.

    Jesus is at the center of the Family, but this is Jesus the leader, not the Savior. Jesus provides the Family a model for organization; with James, John, and Peter closest to him, he encircled himself with other disciples along with a larger contingent of followers. Jesus taught the fundamental principle of creating a social order — commitment. Jesus said that his followers had to put Him before other people, even father and mother, and put Him before oneself.

    ONE Family hero is King David of the Old Testament. David slept with Bathsheba, another man’s wife, and killed her husband; however, God favored David — he was chosen. The implication is that if you’re chosen, you are not to be judged.

    The Family believes that God’s covenant with the Jews has been broken, and they consider their members the “new chosen” — chosen by God to be leaders.

    Because they believe that they are God’s new chosen, the Family members are provided with what Sharlet calls “divine diplomatic immunity.” It’s like a blank check to do whatever they believe they are called to do.

    What are they called to do? The long-term goal of the Family is a worldwide government under God. Douglas Coe, the Family’s leader since 1969, has said, “We work with power where we can, build new power where we can’t.” (p. 121)

    Although members of the family may be members of a denomination (Brownback is Catholic), their belief system is different than the theology of mainstream Christians. The Family prefers to think of themselves as “followers of Jesus,” not Christians, and free of the trappings of religious denominations.

  2. The Bear don't give a flying ufck about Kansas or anyone who lives there BUT this farmer/attorney turned politician Brownback (is he Mexican ?) is totally worthless. His brilliance has set Kansas back 100 years. Perhaps Kansas will be incorporated into Oklahoma as they both suck.

  3. wow ! if that's true , what a bunch of sociopaths . when the govt releases all files about extraterrestrial contact , problem solved !

  4. For our soon to be former Mien Gov. For Life his spiffy new title is an oxymoron. It's missing "As long as your Christian" at the end.

  5. 9:49--I think you are absolutely right in Brownback's case!
    Nevertheless, let's send him on his way.

    Pence can break the tie in the Senate.
    IF we can get Flake and McCain and a few others Trump has greatly offended to go along--just GitErDone!

  6. Ahh---the sexy, sensuous and always mysteriously alluring Tracy agrees with me about Gov. Brownshirt. He bought into Norquists bullshit when he was in the Senate and Laffers here. Trickle down doesn't work and it will never work. Be well and be safe Tracy.

  7. I'm a lapsed Catholic and can tell you that people who convert to Catholisism are worse than born again Christians and reformed smokers. It's the Vatican way or the highway and any other religion need not apply.


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