Grandview Lesson In Diversity

Here's a look at broke-ass teachers learning about "privilege" in order to improve their instruction. Take a look:

Grandview administration focuses on cultural competency

Typically, when students are out of school for district in-service, their teachers spend the day in meetings, talking curriculum and learning new ways of instruction. However, last Friday, teachers in the Grandview School District participated in a visual representation of privilege among their peers and how that affects their teaching.


  1. Uh, Nobody gives a fuck about Grandview schools. Because the view there isn't too grand, it is getting kind of dark

  2. White Privilege Narrative = Anti-White Hate Speech. I'm sure that White people gave this ungrateful, Leftist Spic his job !

    1. Affirmative action unqualified hire

  3. Look at all those fat nasty teachers. The teachers at my kid's school are freaking hot. Now that's privilege!

  4. As part of our "diversity" training, we did this exercise at my office -- TWICE. Each time it had NO effect on how we did our jobs or interacted with our fellow employees. It was just a waste of time. TWICE.


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