Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fight For Kansas City Coffee Supremacy

Both franchises will have a hobo hangout on Main St. and a fight for the Brookside crowd is coming up. Here's the newspaper offering important in-depth reporting on overpriced beverages and carbs:

Is a Roasterie vs. Starbucks battle brewing in KC?

A coffee war - or, at the very least, a local vs. chain battle - appears to be brewing in Kansas City. Starbucks has plans to open in Brookside, not far from the locally owned Rosterie Cafe. And the Roasterie is opening up a new location just a hop from the Starbucks on Main Street.


Super Dave said...

It's coffee, the same stuff all the grocery stores all the metro area sells. I am a semi coffee snob as in how I brew and blend my own coffee. But still every day, pay less for a pound of coffee, than those who go to these cafes pay for a single cup of joe.

I really think the only battle will be won by who makes it the most convenient to get a cup and get. Then it will be down to who has the best environment that those folks who like to meet and share a story or two while sipping a cup of over priced coffee.

As for Tony, that's an easy one to figure out which one he will be seen in. The one that has the hottest looking babes in it is where you will see Tony sitting nursing a cup of joe for hours on end.

Anonymous said...

Buy local

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^Starbucks isn't local

Anonymous said...

It all depends on what the consumers want.
If you want a locally-owned, consistently reliable good cup of coffee, go to the Roasterie.
If you wan a hot Candy Bar in a cup, go to Starbucks.