Fear Red State Healthcare Debt Rising

Here's a look at how partisan politics works on the behalf of corporations to disenfranchise po'folk of every demographic who are otherwise distracted by the culture war and the frequency of mass shootings. Checkit:

In States Like Missouri And Kansas That Didn't Expand Medicaid, Residents Carry Higher Medical Debt

Geneva Wilson has struggled her entire life with health problems, including a blood disorder, depression and a painful misalignment of the hip joint called hip dysplasia. But she's found peace living in a small cabin in the woods of western Missouri. Wilson keeps chickens, raises rabbits and has a garden.


  1. G.O.P. says "Watch the Dancing Monkey", don't watch us!

    Obamacare Bad! "GOPdon'tCare" gonna be good!
    And don't forget to "Watch the Dancing Monkey"

    Don't worry about people like this, they'll be gone soon - just "Watch the Dancing Monkey"!

    See the "Dancing Monkey", ain't he funny to watch?
    Wonder what he'll tweet next? Wonder what he'll say next?
    Oh, look over there - "A Dancing Monkey"!

  2. May I add to 11:38 a.m. post by saying that our Fearless Orange Leader is busy trying to divide us by fear. Ridiculing poor people for being poor makes them less human in the eyes of the well-to-do. If he can continue to instill fear and loathing, he can control us with his incessant tweets. Divide and conquer has always worked.

  3. ^^^^^ Shut Up Hilliary~

  4. Learn to spell Hillary, Cousin Humper!


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