Friday, October 27, 2017

Fear Kansas City Corporate Story Time???

Money quote from a recent corporate fairy tale talk . . .

"To achieve KC Rising's goal of becoming a top 10 metro, it will take continued focus by area civic leaders and community organizations on improving the drivers of regional prosperity — the strength of greater Kansas City's trade sectors, the talent of the people who live and work here, and their capacity to innovate and create new, high-value firms."

Economists: Kansas City should savor its 'Goldilocks' moment - Kansas City Business Journal

The Kansas City area is tracking stride for stride with the overall U.S. economy, which is enjoying a rare "Goldilocks" moment of not being too hot or too cold. Frank Lenk, director of the Mid-America Regional Council's research services department, said the overall economy is doing great, despite an environment full of uncertainties.

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Anonymous said...

No mention of the high crime rate snd poor infrastructure.

"Oh geez businesses are leaving Kansas and we havent a clue why"

How's about a failed GOP Brownback tax giveaways that have gutted services, is effecting infrastructure, public safety, education and health?

Kansas is going to have to either continue to gut itself (not desirable) or reinstate corporate taxes. This leaves businesses running from their tax holiday. So they move hoping for the free tax giveaways by the Democrat city hall.


The republicans are currently pulling their Koch brothers Kansas experiment in the halls of Congress with Ryan/McConnell. The country is screwed and running to crime infested KC won't help.