Monday, October 30, 2017

Even More Kansas City Monday News

Right now we take a peek at revealing Claudia hotness and some of the top Kansas City MSM news links. Checkit:

Tech Trouble Threatens Kansas City Jobs

Reports: Bank raises concerns over T-Mobile, Sprint merger

SoftBank Group Corp. is raising concerns over a merger between Sprint Corp. and T-Mobile US Inc., according to news reports. The change comes after SoftBank, which controls most of Sprint, expressed concern about losing control, where the bank's ownership could be decreased in a combined company, according to the reports.

Corporate Unity For #NewKCI

Despite losing KCI contract, Burns & McDonnell gives $20,000 to airport campaign

Burns & McDonnell, the Kansas City engineering firm that sought but did not obtain a contract to design and build a new single terminal at KCI, has made a late contribution to the pro-KCI campaign. Missouri Ethics Commission filings posted on Monday show that Burns & McDonnell gave $20,000 to the KC Transportation Transit and Tourism Committee on Oct.

Kansas Healthcare Crackdown

KanCare proposal would require thousands to get jobs to keep Medicaid benefits

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - A proposed change to Kansas' privatized Medicaid program would compel about 12,000 adults to work to obtain benefits, making the state the first in the country to have such a requirement. Gov. Sam Brownback's administration said Friday requiring some Medicaid recipients to work would improve their lives and increase their self-esteem.

Kansas City Office Space Juxtaposition

How big is your office space: See how cost and size contrast across the U.S. - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City has always been able to tout itself as a less expensive market than expensive coastal cities such as New York, San Francisco and Seattle. That contrast shows up in spades in new research on the cost of office space from CommercialCafe, a real estate research firm.

Local Nasty Critters

Sick raccoons create concern in Raytown

RAYTOWN, Mo. -- Raccoons are often considered more of a nuisance than a danger, but Raytown residents are worried about some of the animals roaming their streets. Robert and Grace McCloskey found one of the unwelcome visitors in their backyard. "He was just going around barking at him," Robert McCloskey said of his dog's reaction to the raccoon.

Show-Me Settlement Cash Spending

Missouri wants ideas on how to spend money from Volkswagen settlement

JEFFERSON CITY * The cheating scandal that triggered a $14 billion settlement from Volkswagen could translate into more electric vehicles and charging stations in Missouri over the next decade. As part of a plan being crafted by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the state is requesting comments on how it should spend about $41 million from the state's share of the massive legal settlement with the German automaker.

Celebration Kansas City Sound

Apocalypse Meow X: Midwest Music Foundation on the organization's goals

Back in 2008, the first Apocalypse Meow raised funds for musician Abigail Henderson's treatment, after she was diagnosed with Stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer. The event fetched nearly $20,000; in the spirit of giving back to the community, Henderson started the Midwest Music Foundation to, as she said at the time, "provide musicians with healthcare assistance."

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When Claudia presented at the Forester's Convention, it was standing room only!!!

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Of course Burney McDouchebag gave some money!
As soon as the Billion Three Boondoggle is announced as having passed (nota bene, not "passed", just "announced as passed"), B&M is going to be cut in for a healthy slice of the Boodle just to keep them from filing a lawsuit.


The only reason for NOT voting "NO" against this crap would be if "HELL NO" was available!

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Gotta pay to play. Plenty more no-bid shit where that came from.

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There’s a lot of sick coons in raytown!!!