Downtown Kansas City Bike Lane Rebuke

Another poorly planned project from City Hall has created confusion and danger on local streets. Take a look:

New bike lanes concern some drivers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After several years in the making, the start of the downtown bike loop is being completed on Grand Boulevard. Cyclist Steve Panzica says it is about time. "I think the city was smart deciding to make it a bike friendly street and take away a lane of traffic, I don't think it's needed," said Panzica.


  1. Why all the "Bike Lanes"? Are they ever used by bicyclists?
    Are any bicyclists insane enough to risk life, limb and lungs by riding in these spaces when they could be in their usual environment of riding three abreast through residential streets or terrorizing pedestrians on what are intended to be "walking trails"?

    I can promise you they won't have it their way blocking traffic on the barely adequate traffic-crowded streets downtown. Plus there won't be any people pushing baby strollers for them to send diving into the grass downtown.

  2. Maybe a pun on the Drawin effect of bikes- this is a well needed improvement.

    I found a magic lamp and a genie gave me a wish.

    I wanted a Bike lane to the airport for just bikes- no cars.

    The Genie complained about all the planning- cement- engineering- etc etc.

    The genie asked if I had an alternative wish.

    I asked how Jenee Osterfld’s mind worked.

    The genie asked if I wanted the Bike one lane or two.

    True story.


  3. These bike lanes are a waste of time and money, if you notice the bikers don't use them, instead they go between cars, run red lights, make right turns from the left lanes, and ride where ever they want.

  4. It is just dumb they put bike lanes on Grand and move the MAX to Grand. The bus drivers now have to watch out for bikes while crossing to get to their stops.

  5. When was the last time Troy and Sly ever rode a bike?

  6. Most people in Kansas city are too fat to ride a bike. The other half are too fat to stand up.

  7. That green and red on the streets are going to be very popular colors this Holiday season

  8. Your fat wife needs a bike10/7/17, 4:01 PM

    I noticed this would make us a set closer to being like Portland and it didn't cost $100 million for a two-mile streetcar.

  9. Bike lanes create ore targets. Way cool.

  10. Kraske thinks it will be "KOOL"


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