Crackdown After Crooks Loot Meth Town

Police attempt to curb a spate of stealing as the city to our east stocks up on ill-gotten gains for the Fall. Take a look:

Police cracking down after an increase in property thefts in Independence

In the last month in Independence, more than 180 thefts have been reported


  1. At least Indy is doing something about the problem. In KC it's "meh, no big deal, gotta get back to my hot spot in the hood".

  2. Yeah! If Independence were to actually hire and train a real police department they might have a chance.

  3. I wouldn't live within 3 miles of 40 Highway you ever see what type of people walk up and down it let alone all the loan places, smoke shops, tattoo parlors and liquor stores are there.

    Of course it is meth road they need to rob homes to buy the drug habit.

  4. Doesn’t matter anyway mean jean petersucker baker will let them go, hell, most of them should have been in jail already


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