Friday, October 20, 2017

Cowtown Future Tech: Kansas City College Kangaroos Demand Free Textbooks

A reminder that NOBODY wants to pay for content . . . Whilst we can lament the freebie economy, youngsters with friends and/or relatives have been running this scam for decades. Take a look:

A free textbook movement is taking hold at UMKC

The open textbook, meaning free textbook, movement is spreading fast on college campuses across the country including Kansas and Missouri.


Anonymous said...

The faculty at UMKC will be fighting this idea "tooth and nail".

For decades there has been a scam ongoing in the "Hallowed Halls of Ivy", whereby Professor "G" agreed with their colleague, Doctor "H" that each of them will write an in-depth textbook on Merovignian Toiletries, and each will require their students to buy the other's book for the class they teach (or rather, that their GSA teaches). That way each one has a current textbook that is "in great demand", and each "Eminent Educator" is safe from the long-standing "Publish or Perish" threat. This concept would threaten that system.

While it is true that this practice, or rather con game, is nation-wide, and not limited to UMKC; the lack of effective Leadership, from the Chancellor's Office down to Decanal level, that has existed at UMKC since the mid Seventies has left the "Inmates in charge of the Asylum", and the (nominal) Professional Instructors run the show, far more than at other Institutions.

While this movement would be of tremendous benefit to the Students, they are of no real concern to the "Inmates", after all, Students are only a temporary inconvenience, and will be gone in four to six years!

With the lack of effective Leadership to reign in the inflated egos displayed in the Faculty Rolls, I am highly skeptical that this idea will not be quashed quickly at UMKC.

Anonymous said...

CMSU students received free textbooks in the 1980's but they had to return them at the end of the trimester.

Anonymous said...

Ask anyone who has taken classes at UMKC how many times they have had to buy a book that was "required" for a Class, only to find that the book was never used or even ever needed to be opened during the semester.

Anonymous said...

Fuck free books! Get rid of those classes that teach these morons to act like shitflake libtard idiots and we can save more money than all the green initiatives, protests and statue melting on earth.

Anonymous said...

The tuition that students are charged is more than adequate to cover the cost of any books they would require.

Oh, and @ 10:34 they aren't going to a "commuter University" to learn to act like "shitflake libtard idiots", they're going there to get a piece of paper that will allow them to get a decent job and move out of Mommy's Basement, something you should have tried.

Bring it on, Asshat!

Anonymous said...

Well Genius! Show me a current statistic that shows me a degree is required to make a six digit income? That is bullshit left over from the 80s clown - back when corporate America could bring nothing to the party so lack of a college degree became the big road block to non existent career opportunities. When the former Secretary if Education professes that much of todays college education is a waste of money it is hard to stand by the old school beliefs that you are going to be more successful. In fact there is much evidence to indicates that the financial burdens of college may actually be detrimental to developing a career and a better quality of life for years.

I bought into it and have yet to work anywhere that required me to actually use my college education. With the exception of a very few critical careers todays institutes of higher learning have become little more than clearing houses for liberal doctrine and adult day care.