Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Could Indie Orman Upset Kansas Secstate Kobach In Crowded Kansas Guv Race???

With teens, establishment candidates and the radical right poised to put on an interesting slap fight . . . Given the current frustration with the status quo . . . This politico might have a puncher's chance. Checkit:

Greg Orman prepping for independent governor campaign

Olathe businessman Greg Orman, who staged a strong independent run for U.S. Senate three years ago, is putting together a campaign organization to run for governor of Kansas in next year's election, campaign sources say. On Monday, Jim Jonas, a friend of Orman's who managed his 2014 campaign, confirmed that Orman has done preliminary polling in the governor's race and has interviewed potential campaign staff.


Anonymous said...

Is he still trying that "independent" scam?

The guy is a lib.

Say it out loud!

Kansas IS Conservative said...

^^^ +1

Anonymous said...

Depends. Can the Pence-Kobach Committee fake enough evidence of "voter fraud" to give Congress and The Supreme Court an excuse to keep quiet when Trump suspends the next round of elections?
(Only until such time as the voter rolls have been "satisfactorily" corrected, of course!)

If so, then "Big K' will be "temporarily" appointed by the KS Legislature, or maybe by Executive Order.

You want French Fries with your "Coup d'Etat" folks?

Anonymous said...

What color is the sky in your fantasy world, 7:16?

Anonymous said...

7:16 Your post makes no sense but if you're talking about Trump and voter fraud you might want to look into the second count of Michigan that the so called green party wanted. There was voter fraud alright, more Hillary votes than there were registered voters.

Greg Orman is a 100% far left liberal, and I remember when he lost, he looked like he was going to cry, it was really funny.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ^^^ Where do you get your FAKE NEWS!!! Nice try. Go back to Breitbart dummy. Nobody's buying your lies...well maybe chuck..but that's just because he's a fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

8:22 nails it.

8:31 is a tool!

Anonymous said...

The Star starts gushing about Democrat candidates that everyone knows is hopeless. They run these "news" stories, trying to convince anyone still reading that it'll actually be a close race.

Greg Orman, James Thompson, Paul Davis, Chris Koster, Orman a second time. They were all on the verge of huge upsets, according to the Star.

Anonymous said...

Jason Kander was another the Star ran adoring "news" stories about, only to go down to defeat.

Anonymous said...

I;m for him.

Anonymous said...

You fucking rubes will probably vote for Kobach and think Brownback has done one hell of a good job.