Saturday, October 21, 2017

Corporate Welfare Built Johnson County???

While he probably didn't mean it this way, check an insightful column from Steve Rose actually offers some helpful perspective on taxpayer subsidy of so-called middle-class Conservatives who are actually more than willing to take handouts despite feigned criticism of "entitlements" for people who don't wear suits.

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How using tax incentives made Overland Park a better city

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the city of Overland Park looked down its nose at tax incentives for businesses and developers. I saw it firsthand as chairman of the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce in 1980, a post I was elected to elected exactly two decades after the city's founding in 1960.


Anonymous said...

Never had any desire to live there. Plastic, noise, traffic, phony people.

Anonymous said...

Ya @8:15Am..we know that about KC proper. But what about Overland Park?

Anonymous said...

Overland Park, and Johnson County in general, was built on cheaper land and lower taxes because cities west of the state line didn't build sewers, curbs, gutters, adequately paved asphalt streets, sidewalks or other things required in Kansas City. The tax revenues went into new schools, which were a great draw for young families. Oh, yeah, and it was lily white west of state line. Big draw, that. Sewers instead of septic tanks, better streets, actual planning instead of letting developers run wild all came later. Meanwhile, paper-thin concrete foundation walls began to crumble all over northeast JoCo, septic tanks overflowed, streets fell apart and homes flooded in heavy rains.