Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Conservative Cashill Targets Jimmy Kimmel With Criticism After Lawrence Shooting Talk

The fun part here is that Cashill isn't funny, a comedian is now a progressive spokesperson on policy and neither side really wants to talk about specifics of making the U.S. safer. Take a look:

Jimmy Kimmel Talks About Lawrence Shooting, Gets It All Wrong - The Sentinel

Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel, whose wife Molly McNearney is a KU grad, spoke Monday night about the weekend shooting in Lawrence and missed the point entirely. "Five people got shot in Lawrence, Kansas last night," said a tearful Kimmel, "Three of them died; it didn't even make a blip because this is just a regular part of our lives now."


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jimmy Kimmel O.K. this guy is the laughing stock, he keeps talking gun control over and over again. Does this guy not know what gun control did in Chicago?
Anyone who goes by the name Jimmy as an adult has got to be a wimp, he's also as stupid as Caire.
Molly McNearney is this person related to the same people who always have their name mentioned for giving money to channel 19?
Hey stupid JIMMY how about something like condolences to the victims of the shooting.

Jimmy.... LOL sounds like a mommy issue!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Faggots, bump guns, action? Here's a guy that wants it hard up the ass. Cashill, is that you?

Anonymous said...

A little boy giving cheap advice he cant live up to.

Anonymous said...

10:22 Who the fuck are you talking to moron. The only think you know about bump stocks is what you learned reading Gay Male magazine and watching Rachel the Butch Bitch. Dip Shit!

Don Cardinal said...

Didn't mention who did it and why they did it on its a part of reality, but didn't include a key component to the muh guns plea