Celebrate SMALLER New KCI???

In more campaign "news" dead-tree media attempts to justify a contradiction regarding the new airport proposal for voters this November. Take a look:

Will a new KCI terminal lead to more flights? Not necessarily, but it's complicated

A website extolling the virtue of a new single terminal at KCI wastes no time getting to its point: "A Better KCI means increased access to more destinations." The statement reflects an attractive rallying cry for a new terminal - that it will lead to more flight options - ahead of the Nov.


  1. "We're going to expand our opportunities with fewer gates." Sure.

  2. Vote NOOOOOOO!

  3. not no but hell no!!!

  4. Yes, the only reason that 747s aren't leaving for destinations all over the world every morning is because the terminal building is 40 years old!
    The Star editorial board must be breathing in too much jet exhaust.
    How people can keep straight faces spewing this much BS over and over again is astonishing.

  5. Whether we need a new airport or not isn't the issue anymore. The issue is whether voters trust Sly, the city council, supporters of the new airport (the Star). I don't think any such trust exists.
    Kansas City deserves honest government that has the cities best interests at heart. We clearly don't have that.

  6. Notice that the airlines aren't EXACTLY saying they will add flights if we build new. They aren't EXACTLY promising because they can't deliver on what they don't control. The economy may cause many airlines to cut flights and/or fold up like Braniff and TWA. Even the 500 pound gorilla Southwest isn't going to go so far as to ALMOST guarantee more business. But they sure won't stop hinting that they might - wink wink.

    VOTE NO for NEW and push for a remodel instead.

  7. will eastern start flying from kci again?

  8. All, please refer to the lies spewed about the Sprint Center and P&L 10 years ago. Remember "build it and they will come" with regards to the SC and landing an anchor tenant? What did Queen Kay and her friends at AEG say? The Sprint Center would draw an NBA or NHL team. Did we ever land one? Did we ever come close?

    How about the P&L? Remember when Queen Kay and her friends at Cordish said the P&L would NOT cost tax payers a dime? How did that turn out? How many millions of TAX PAYER DOLLARS are going to cover the bonds sold for the P&L after if failed miserably to meet the projections they had for it?

    Now one of the mantras behind a new KCI is we'll get more flights, more destinations and more non-stop flights. Yet, NO ONE can commit to it. Yet they want a yes vote November 7th after using that as one of the reasons to vote yes. We still aren't even sure what this terminal will look like, the customer experience or even how much it's going to cost or how it's going to be financed exactly. Yet they want us to "trust them" and just write them a blank check with a "yes" vote. Just like we did with the SC and P&L.

    Same shit different day.


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