And Now, Something Completely Desperate From The Kansas City Star . . .

In their latest missive, The Kansas City Star is taking credit for stuff they didn't do and promising "journalism" they haven't provided since the 90s.


A message from Executive Editor Mike Fannin:

Dear Reader,

I'd like to thank you all for reading The Kansas City Star and

As an institution, we haven't taken a day off in nearly 140 years - and we're not about to start now. We know your information needs now come on an hourly basis, not daily.

Over the summer, we have reorganized The Star's newsroom to give you more of the journalism you want and expect. In the important public service role we play in this city, we'll be asking tough questions as we dig into a wide range of topics:

Will this story break news that could make a difference in the community? Will it hold leaders accountable? Will it directly affect the lives of residents?

In short, we are putting the needs of our readers at the center of everything we do.

You'll see more watchdog reporting on health care, education and the issues that divide us as a community. We'll also continue to deliver the kind of investigations that have distinguished The Star on a national stage - and more of them.

Stories like The Star's award-winning investigation into the death of a 10-year-old boy at a local water park, and a compelling report on firefighter safety risks across the nation.

Our columns and editorials once helped build Kansas City, and they are doing it again. Our new Editorial Board is off and running, providing insight and creating positive change in the community. For example, the board recently stopped City Hall in its tracks from handing out a $1 billion, no-bid contract for a new airport, bringing the debate back into the public eye.

It all goes back to the two things we'll be obsessively focusing on going forward: Our mission and our readers.

Executive Editor/Vice President

Mike Fannin

A screen cap so you d-bags don't think I faked something this ridiculous . . .

One of the best and brightest among our blog community responds with this kind note:

"This is disgusting and laughable... actually pathetic. from Fannin ..the star takes credit for covering the story of the decapitation which they never mentioned which I did and they take credit for stopping the airport billion-dollar no-bid which you and CFRG did!

"The Star is a dinosaur and is so marginalized they're having to scrub up news and claim that they had any impact at all."

You decide . . .


  1. This comment doesn't seem as hopeful as some of his earlier remarks. He used to seem downright bullish on the future of the newspaper.

    These remarks are far more reassuring but not aggressive at all. He seems to try to remind readers of why they take the star, not enticing them with what is ahead.

    1. I'm sure the last guys making buggy whips were pretty defensive too.

    2. The mistake was counting on the Royals being a competitive team for more than a year. Now they can't ride that wave anymore and they're feeling it.

  2. If they were serious about journalism they would fire hoopz and hire more journalists.

  3. would that what he's says were true.

    [were = hypothetical, unreal condition]

    they've lagged on good government reporting. in reality, TKC's blog, imperfect though it be, has been more of a leader.

    if he's describing an aspiration, maybe he should have said that. it could be that he's speaking to his own reporters to try to unite them on their mission, knowing that it's not yet a consensus.

    we'll see.

  4. I quit the Star a couple of years ago. Now instead of tromping around my front yard trying to find the paper I bring up the Wall Street Journal and then I read TKC and get a feel for what's happening locally. As to any newspaper's editorial page they are a waste of time. People read them to validate what they already think or fume about them when they disagree.

  5. "TKC's blog, imperfect though it be, has been more of a leader."

    Yeah I love the blatant racism. It's a huge bonus. And all that great work on Jack the Ripper! Real Pulitzer Prize material!

    1. Infinitely preferable to empty City Hall cheerleading.

  6. And to think that there used to be two editions. The Kansas City Times in the morning and the Kansas City Star in the evening. And they were full sized papers chock full of news and advertising. Now, they can't even publish one paper on a few small pages. I found a few old papers going through some stuff in my parents attic. The reporting was thorough and the stories interesting. Ads were scattered throughout the paper. The Star and many other papers have not produced a quality product for some time. And quality sells. The internet didn't kill newspapers, they committed suicide.

  7. The Star is nothing than a tabloid.

  8. Credit also goes to
    Great insight and tough questions.
    Good journalism.

  9. Why would I pay to read the liberally biased Star when there's an endless amount of free liberal whining online? On the plus side for the paper, my 86 year old parents still read it.


  10. Where is the request and need for subscriptions/subscribers?

    The STAR is so lost.
    They are screaming for someone to help them.

  11. " 'TKC's blog, imperfect though it be, has been more of a leader.'

    Yeah I love the blatant racism. It's a huge bonus. And all that great work on Jack the Ripper! Real Pulitzer Prize material!"

    And that's why you're every hour.

  12. The Star is nothing but a bulletin board for city hall.

  13. The Star is a badly damaged, "shot" fighter trying to make bank on long, long ago glories, in another life, in another country.

    Nothing in either hand and no defense, punch after punch, lands and lands again as fewer and fewer and fewer fans sit in the seats, cringing, hoping for it to just stop.

  14. Fake news, move along nothing to see here

  15. The Star is nothing but a PR operation for City Hall. too Compromised by tax abatement and City subsidies for them to investigate all of the corruption in City Hall.

  16. Killa City's Scar paper needs to get back to bigger and better school community coverage. Many of us had the pain or pleasure of seeing our schools' (public and private) honor rolls listings, more detailed school events calendars, highlights from minutes recorded at clubs and meetings, and fuller accounts of sports results from ALL schools. I still have clippings from late 1960s-1970s CYO and summer rec league stats from both the Times and Star, plus the KCK Kansan!

    How's Granny gonna make a braggy scrapbook if the kiddies names and such aren't printed?!

  17. In a 1938 article, written in the Star, the so called Journalist, claiming the German ship Bismarck as the "greatest peace keeping ship in the world.

    They've got it wrong all these years.

    Any challenges, I'll give you the Volume number to look up.

    That rag isn't a newspaper it's a gossip column.

  18. 12:19 hit the nail on the head -
    ".. Compromised by tax abatement and City subsidies for them to investigate all of the corruption in City Hall."

    No trust left in this POS paper.

  19. My Monday and Tuesday papers blow away with the WIND.

  20. do i get a cartoon umbrella if i sign up ?

  21. Asking tough questions? The Star? Oh, Mr. Fannin. Quit the newspaper business right away and go into comedy.

    Sorry, I was forgetting the kind of business you run. I meant 'further into comedy.' ;)


  23. Dear Mike,

    You so funny Mike, HA HA HA you one funny guy Bawawahaha!
    Mary Sanchez Bawawahaha
    Steve Rose Bawawahaha
    Jenee Osterheldt Bawawahaha

    Sincerely Yours,

    No Longer Supporting Paper Full of Idiots

  24. I read in the paper this morning- because my neighbor got up late- some great journalism! Of course it wasn’t the KC Star- it was the USA Today. Didn’t have to read stupid divisive editorials from life flunkies who are parrots and just repeat what others say and are as original as a copy cat.

    Fire all editorializing employees and bring back journalists. Don’t take credit for stuff you don’t do. And for God’s sake- give your paper away free- both on the internet and on the driveway.

    Even free- most people would not read the paper because they HATE their bias. And who pays for journalism anymore, but old people? Why do you send photographers to out of town football games when great pics can be had by contractors and fans? Shareholders would crap if they knew what salaries are paid for what could be free or cheap!

  25. 642 is right! Plus one!

    Even free... no one would read it.

    I bet the star is scared to ask Andy why Marcus Peters sat again and why he let a fan get to him.

    The Star has no balls.

  26. my butt hurts10/4/17, 7:28 PM

    The Star wont print, what I want to read. It shuld have more articals, about gun's. About how gun's, ar so pretty. And how they can make you, strong. And brave. ANd it shuld have funny pichures. Of Marcus Peter's, becuase he wont stand for ar Anthem. The Star shuld aslo have a pichure of Trump. And say nice thing's about him, on the front page. ANd point out the danger's, of muzzie's. I know, that the intire pop. of kc hate's the Star.

  27. He's eating the wrong candy. They only ask questions of the FOR Proposals they never contact the Against Proposal people regardless of the subject. I think the guy who had this written is living in Austin Texas or Little ock and he just calls back to KC from time to time. He's mixed up as to where he is.

  28. Tony if The Star can do it so can you. Why don't you start with admitting the truth about negroes? Know your audience! That's what they say! And your audience already knows the truth about negroes.

  29. Obsession with the word "decapitation" comes to the fore again. Get OVER it!

  30. There's better, more accurate and more intelligently written reporting to be found on the Hy-Vee checkout racks than in the KC Star!

    Oh, and @ 10:21 - RE-capitation! Feeling better now?


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