Friday, October 13, 2017


Milo Yiannopoulos is a cult hero to youngish racists misanthropes who would like to have their talking points articulated by a flamboyant self-hating gay dude for reasons that aren't entirely clear or easily understandable without some pretty serious psychoanalysis.

Recently, his Conservative stardom was knocked down a peg when his Internets blathering crossed the line of common sense on a topic that hard-line right-wingers weren't willing to forgive:

Milo Yiannopoulos Resigns From Breitbart After Underage Sex Comments

But don't get it twisted . . . He still has fans and even more haters who often react to his antics violently.

Earlier this year, ANTIFA shut down one of his talks . . . He later came back and chatted with a smallish crowd and that cost a California University more than $800K for 15 minutes.

Real talk: Milo's artful alt-right punditry might not play well in Kansas City because radical right-wing denizens don't need to dress up their Conservatism, moderate Republicans are rarely challenged and outright Midwestern racists aren't too jazzed about LGBT allies.

Establishment Republicans rule the Midwest and Milo's efforts to "normalize" antipathy toward marginalized groups is redundant at best.

On the bright side, Kansas City ANTIFA and leftist protesters could be tricked by this master troll into protesting him. But again, his local popularity is limited and only exists in the mind of people who spend far too much time arguing on the Internets.


MILO: The Troll Academy Tour

The Folly Theater
300 W 12th St
Kansas City, MO

Sunday Nov 5, 2017
Doors: 7:00 PM
Show: 8:15 PM (ends at 10:00 PM)
All Ages
$40 - $50

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Better title:

Shame on the Folly for allowing this FOOL to put on his hateful show here.

Anonymous said...

^^^ It's called FREE SPEECH A$$hole. Some people respect it.

I may not agree with everything Milo has to say but I will defend his right to say it.

Anonymous said...

No it's ok because anyone that is anti Antifa is good

Anonymous said...

He's not a racist and you can't prove it.

Filo said...

@5:56 - I don't think anybody said he was racist. It's his fans who suck.

Didn't you see them giving Nazi salutes?

Milo Yiannopoulos 'sang karaoke to Nazi-saluting audience'

He's a self-admitted troll. That's much worse.

Anonymous said...

Its hilarious that the racists are drawn to this homosexual.

I always wondered if the racists had some latent homosexual feelings that they were compensating for by hating people of different colors.

The show should be funnier than hell.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the racists know he recently married a black man.

Hey racists, you have been played for suckers!

Go ahead, send him your money!

Gobi said...

^^^ Excellent point.

I think it's that most people don't know their history.

The Nazis were gay as all hell. That's one of the many reasons the Americans kicked their ass in WWII.

Anonymous said...

Anything that gets antifa and the blacks riled up is ok by me!

Jonsie said...

^^^ Black people don't give a rat's ass about Milo. They're smart enough not to get suckered into this kind of left vs. right mutual masturbation.

Anonymous said...

5:50 Get your facts straight why would you say he spews hate, and why would you shame the Folly for letting this guy speak?? He is a gay conservative who was going to speak at Berkeley and ANTIFA had a huge riot to keep him from speaking. So why don't you take YOUR HATE AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR HATE FILLED ASS! This guy has the right to speak more than ANTIFA when they were given the right to throw urine on people. Dumb Shit

Anonymous said...

ANTIFA, PROGRESSIVES, LIBERALS, ILLEGALS, BABY KILLERS,NAMBLA, SLEEPER JIHADISTS AND THE WHOLE SPECTRUM OF MUTHER FUCKERS WANTING TO BRING OUR COUNTRY DOWN are scared to fuckin death that conservative speech might dilute their narrative and just maybe persuade people to get their head out of their ass and work to save America and our culture.

Our enemies of Freedom are shittin red down their legs in fear.. that is why they are becoming violent. They sense they are loosing especially when their Demonic Goddess Hillary lost.

Anonymous said...

This is all just entertainment and resembles professional wrestling much more than it does any kind of serious philosophical or political debate.
Both sides "entertainers", groups, and organizations just continue to rake in the cash as their clueless audiences fight over who's the good guy or the villain.
For decades skillful con men have made very good livings based on the old quote that "nobody ever lost money betting on the poor taste and stupidity of the American public".
This is all just the latest chapter of that very long story.

Anonymous said...

A racist Nazi? ...who just happens to be married to a black man. How much more black dick does he need to suck for people to stop calling him a racist? I'm even more shocked that TKC is throating the MSM on these false claims on Milo and his fans. The guy is an entertainer who's not afraid to speak his mind. I don't think even the mass of his fans agree with everything he says. But the great part of this country, is nobody has to fully respect everything he has to say, but as Americans, we should all respect his right to say it.

Anonymous said...

It's hilarious seeing all the triggered SJWs on here. Melissa Click should be appearing momentarily.

Anonymous said...

6:36 PM said, "BABY KILLERS" - You mean Tim Murphy, right?

"...that conservative speech might dilute their narrative and just maybe persuade people to get their head out of their ass and work to save America and our culture."

AHHHHH, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahhahahaha! Whew! I haven't had a good laugh in awhile.

Anonymous said...

Milo triggers the libs, making him the awesome.

Anonymous said...

chuckle chuckle snicker snicker , neither have I

Anonymous said...

6:10, thanks for the info on the Nazis, Jim. You are the expert.

MKCC said...

If KC Antifa is smart they can show the world that Milo is all talk and his fan base is actually quite small.

A clever counter demonstration at another location would draw far more attention.

Sad fact is, they'll give this perv more publicity if they protest him.

Anonymous said...

^^^ yeah, we prefer leftist pervs like Harvey Weinstein and Perez Hilton.

Anonymous said...

Evil spawn of Steve Bannon. Typical Trump lackey.

Anonymous said...

Poor scared baby, threatened by critical thinking.

JimBrodi said...

@9:51, Who said Milo is critical thinking? He's an intellectual lightweight who grabs headlines because he says nasty things so that real Conservatives don't have to. He's just another talking head who loves publicity but offers very little to any kind of productive conversation about policy.

I'm always surprised when people ask him about what he thinks, why should anyone care?

His essays are rarely thought provoking and he doesn't offer or report much news. He just talks to talk.

But here's the kicker, even Milo admits that he's an entertainer first and foremost.

So he should be treated as such.

Anonymous said...

6:36 your sperm is not sacred, nor is it sacred when it fertilizes the unsacred egg of water meth head it is you are fucking. As st. Augustine says, there is no soul present in the vehicle created in unholiness until it kicks the bitch.

Anonymous said...

So JimBrodi, Milo is just like you - he talks a lot, but has little substance.

JimBrodi said...

Maybe, but I'm not charging people 50 bucks to listen to me. Milo is a drama queen in every sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

Love Milo! He's like Zombie Bette Middler.

Anonymous said...

Can’t wait. Like others have said, I may not agree with everything the guy says, but it’s refreshing to see a guy his age, gay at that, who’s not just a blind follower of his peers.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you dumbshit LIBERAL Democrats BITCHES ever listened to a Milo talk ? Probably not , all you know is what the left wing media tell you to believe , he's a white man , conservative , incredibly brilliant , gay , from England , married to a black man , religious and political ! Know the facts before you freak out and have to withdraw to your safe space faggot LIBERAL Democrat Snowflake inbred bullshit room and suck on a pacifier , hug a Teddy bear , blow bubbles , cry cause you fat Dyke Clinton lost ¡!

Anonymous said...

MILO rocks can't wait for the event ! Hopefully there will be many ANTIFA terrorists that will get their ass kicked by the KC COPS and locked up in the wonderful KC METRO jail and meet some new butt buddies !¡

Anonymous said...

He's not a racist...

He just "plays" one in real life.

And he encourages others to be more racist than he "pretends" to be.

Fuck this Whiteapalloza celebration. Although it's funny these morons are fleeced for $40 or more by a gay child molester in the process. Another awesome MAGA moment.

Anonymous said...

I thought conservatives liked their sexual assault heroes to be heterosexual.

Someone like, I don't know, like their president?

Anonymous said...

"ANTIFA, PROGRESSIVES, LIBERALS, ILLEGALS, BABY KILLERS,NAMBLA, SLEEPER JIHADISTS AND THE WHOLE SPECTRUM OF MUTHER FUCKERS WANTING TO BRING OUR COUNTRY DOWN are scared to fuckin death that conservative speech might dilute their narrative and just maybe persuade people to get their head out of their ass and work to save America and our culture."

Sounds like the vast majority of America.

Except for the Nectarine Noriega and his KKK supporters on the other side.

We all know the political sides now.

Anonymous said...

JimBrodi - people would pay $50 to NOT listen to your ignorance.

Anonymous said... would like to get your angle on this.

Anonymous said...

This guy is actually Yakov Smirnoff trying to make a comeback after bombing in Branson.