A COMPREHENSIVE write-up from our pal Craig regarding the latest Kansas City disappointment. Checkit:

Craig Glazer: What Happened To Our Chiefs? Oh No Not Again!

Before the season began we were all wondering if perhaps Reid would give our new quarterback a shot at starting this season. Patrick Mahomes has never left the bench all season thus far. We all pretty much felt that the Chiefs would compete for a division title perhaps win 9 to 11 games, maybe 12 if all went well. Instead the Chiefs were the leagues only undefeated team at 5 and 0 just over a week ago. Wow! Of course the big win and shocker was a Thursday Night victory, come from behind at the super bowl champs home in New England. We beat Tom Brady on the national stage, our biggest regular season win perhaps in decades! Yes! All looked well, Chiefs number one in NFL power rankings, the darlings of the league, Alex Smith in MVP talks, our new running back Kareem Hunt best in the NFL leading in yards rushing and many other areas, a sure rookie of the year...Travis Kelce the new tight end monster of the NFL. Of course Tyreek Hill last years super star find doing it again this year.

All that crashed this past Sunday when the wounded Steelers came to Arrowhead and pushed us all over the field, just like last year...their men vs. our boys. We couldn't tackle, pass defend or stop much of anything the Steelers did on offense. We had no offense for the first half and not much more in the second. No sacks of Big Ben, no INT'S no defensive help. Yet somehow a game that felt like 40-10 ended up close as it did in our playoff loss at home to them last season at Arrowhead. Then came our Monday Night game against the last place, somewhat disgraced Raiders in Oakland, just a few hours ago. Their quarterback has an injured back, Derek Carr and coming off a busted leg from last season that allowed our Chiefs to win the west. He threw for 417 yards against us, 3 TD'S and had 0 INT's....starting to sound familiar. They lost their number one back early, 'Beast-Mode' but still we had trouble stopping their nobody running backs who still rushed for 4.2 yards a carry and right at 100 yards against us. Oh their star wide out who had done little all year had more yards against us than he had all season, Amari Cooper 210 yards, 11 catches, 2 TD's. Nice.

Look we all knew that our defense last year was weak, so was our offense outside of Tyreek Hill. By the way Hill is the teams ONLY super star at this point. Hunt is a good back, but has slide badly the last 3 games, no big impact and can't pick up the short yards needed to end a game or score near the goal, not at all, so no he is not a big star. Travis Kelce is never around for the big plays needed to end a game or score to win a big one, he's always "where'd he go' much like Tony G when he was here, lots of stats but no big plays to win a big game and never in a playoff game. Kelce is good not great. Alex Smith having a career year, but still lacks the 'IT' factor of a Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers and some of the new guys like Keyshawn Watson of Texas. I'm afraid there will be no MVP for Alex and this is HIS LAST YEAR HERE, NEXT YEAR IT ALL STARTS WITH PAT MAHOMES TO BUILD A SUPER BOWL TEAM. New core players on the O line, a new defense with young stars and a quarterback who finally perhaps can win games like the ones we just lost by putting it on his shoulders at the end of a game. He maybe is the next John Elway.

For now enjoy a battle for division title, a one and done playoff game...we can't beat Steelers, Texans or New England at the end of the season, we have no defense, none. Sooo its wait til next year for a shot a the prize...and in year one can Pat do that, likely not.

Hey parking at Arrowhead is 60 bucks, sounds fair to watch a team that is still one of the most failed NFL franchises in super bowl in 50 years. Doesn't seem right huh? Oh well hope springs eternal. Like you I love the Chiefs and it hurts but the truth is just that, we ain't got it, you can't win with no defense, you just can't and it hasn't been there all year.


  1. And the suckers keep showing up.

  2. Uh, Craig - the Houston Texans rookie QB is Deshaun Watson, not Keyshawn Watson.

  3. and hunt keeps laughting all the way to the bank

  4. & ben did throw an int

  5. Just the facts please10/20/17, 3:05 PM

    Oh so now Glazer is trashing the Chiefs when a couple of weeks ago he had them going to the SB.

    Old age, chain-smoking, steroids, and who knows what STD's he may have made his brain mush.

    You are correct 1:26 but this is simply another Glazer copy and paste story he is famous for. I saw all he said this morning in writing all over, heard some of it on radio and the rest last night so all old news from a dumb fucker.

  6. 1:21, facts have never been a key issue with the ratfink.

  7. With no one to block it won't make a darn who is QB

  8. ^^^ Absolutely right.

    Once again the front office is to blame for this sad situation because they have never provided Reid with what he needs to win. They have always been cheap and that's why the Chiefs have always struggled to do anything but reach the playoffs. That's all they've got.

  9. season is over.


  10. The season almost came to an end last night for Tyreek Hill.

    KC doesn't have a bench. And THAT is the key to making it past the 1st round in the playoffs. Not going to happen for KC this year. Or anytime soon.

  11. Craig is a dipshit and a rat bastard but he is correct about the Chiefs being worthless

  12. Yeah, but in another life he was Howard Cosell.

  13. Why is this Joo, Glazer, presented as someone that anyone gives a fuck about what he has to say, in the local piss-ant tahloids? Are the owners of these piss-ant tabloids also Joos?. That would explain it?


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