Monday, September 11, 2017

Vietnam Legacy Still Haunts Kansas City

Important notes on a cultural touchstone and the ongoing hardships faced by the first generation of Americans to fight a losing war. Take a look:

Vietnam War Refugees Succeed - and Struggle - in Kansas City

When American troops made a chaotic, embarrassed withdrawal from Vietnam in April 1975, the flood of terrified Vietnamese refugees to Kansas City began. Ty Bui, who had spent seven years in the Vietnamese military, escaped his country in August that year and, after staying in a refugee camp in Arkansas, came to Kansas City in September.


Anonymous said...

great story from many sides.

This is real news, not fake news.

Such a shame that our newspaper doesn't do stuff like this.

Anonymous said...

Such a shame we could not get these people to fight in their own war

Anonymous said...

The ones I was with fought like hell. I call them BROTHER.

Anonymous said...

The ones I was with ran like hell, but they did know all the mamasans.