Tuesday, September 12, 2017

UMKC Social Justice Training Day

Coming soon . . . A lesson in how (University officials believe) youngsters should deal with police. Take a look:

'We don't want...a Ferguson in KC:' Know Your Rights day for youth at UMKC on Saturday

A youth runs away from a police officer. A teenager confesses to a crime he or she did not commit because it seems like the fastest way out of a legal ordeal. A high schooler physically resists a police officer during an arrest.


Anonymous said...

Plenty of Hack Lawyers trained at UMKC law!

Anonymous said...

What exactly is a Ferguson ?

Anonymous said...

A Ferguson is an incident based solely on optics,(what it looks like) just ask Claire Mccaskill on that issue she can tell you how she is all for optics even when it means innocent people are hurt!

This article reads, better understanding of how to interact with law enforcement?

How to behave during a traffic stop?

Seems to me that would be common sense.

Anonymous said...

It must be true, the star said so! Lmao!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do what cops tell you and pay for your Swisher Sweets, easy pezzy.

Anonymous said...

Gee free speech post are melting again. Someone must have forgotten his meds.