Saturday, September 16, 2017


Just about every old fogey and aspiring power player in Kansas City politics is quick to share their memories about a former Kansas City political consultant who passed this week . . . Most of the insights are politically driven tripe to further their own agenda and image - This is fitting given that Mr. Glorioso also seized upon a great many opportunities to advance his goals in much the same manner.

Throughout the course of this blog, Steve had to endure a few taco lunches with TKC until it kinda got insulting that the dude kept on inviting me out for tacos . . . What the hell is it with middle-class white people wanting share Mexican food with Latinos??? Was that in an episode of Modern Family???

But I digress . . .

Honestly, until after he died, I didn't know how old Steve was and I put him way closer to 80 than 70.

A few things you d-dags didn't know or didn't bother to note yet . . .

- He helped to take care of an elderly parent, to my knowledge this was his most redeeming quality and something that only his close friends knew . . . A nice personal deet that Helling hasn't managed to bloviate about . . . Yet.

- He desperately wanted Councilman Quinton Lucas to be the next Mayor of Kansas City - Take that at face value because there are a few ways it could be interpreted.

- The pinnacle of his career was during his time with Mayor Kay Barnes . . . Yes, he made quick work of Mayor Mark Funkhouser behind the scenes but the current corporate era in KC politics hampered his level of effectiveness along with the passing of Pat Gray. Reality: His participation in KC political campaigns had waned for years.

- Another fun fact that has been mostly overlooked . . . Steve Glorisoso helped to monitor elections in Serbia and worked toward moving the country toward a more viable Democracy.

- He had a house in Mexico and often lied about spending time there whenever political criticism of him got too intense.

TKC Pet peeve and this one is just for the late night readers . . . It was always easy to tell who was completely clueless or paranoid about Mr. Glorioso and ignorant about the crime scene in KC judging by whether or not they mentioned the mob -- It was a typical cheap shot that was often tossed around but the fact is . . . Steve Glorioso was a policy wonk and a bit of a nerd who never came close to committing a violent crime in his life. They would've never had him in the mob anyhoo but this tragic bit of ethnic stereotyping was constantly thrown around by dopey middle-class guys who watch too much cable TV.

The eulogizing continues into next week . . .

Friends and family will celebrate the life of deceased political consultant Steve Glorioso on Wednesday, Sept. 20, at Union Station, the family said Saturday.

And so . . . Tonight we dedicate the playlist to the end of an era in local politics and invite our blog community to clown so many elected officials and hangers on who attempt to hijack the spotlight form one another . . . The fact is, the advent of the Internet has shown us that ALL POLITICS IS NOT LOCAL and entrenched forces who once one ruled town are fading away as corporate governance has completely taken hold of Kansas City's agenda.

As always, thanks for reading tonight and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

A few contradictions here but time does keep moving on.

Glorioso was a throwback to another KC era when the Democrats had far more influence.

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of these 'wheeler- dealer' types but perhaps they are a fixture of a free society. Condolences to the family.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't just you Tony. Steve really did like Los Tules, one of his all time favorite restaurants.

Anonymous said...

A KC legend to be sure. Anyone who says different really doesn't know anything about this city.

Anonymous said...

When the government is elected and stays in power with prevarication and mendacity the country is on the downhill road to a banana republic. That is not a good thing. In Mexico within last year, forty-two protesting students were murdered after a peaceful protest.

Mark Funkhouser had the best interests of the citizens at heart and did a good job. He personally told this writer that Mike Burke was primary instigator of attacks against him. Others helped.

Anonymous said...

Where do consultants like Jeff Roe take us? Singer James Brown said about using heroin that you could ride the white horse of heroin to hell.

Anonymous said...

funk's wife was what did him in, the guy has nobody to blame but her.

Anonymous said...

He was still a Dick!

MonkeyHawk said...

I knew Steve via a part-time gig I got as the Token Liberal on what was then KPHN radio. Shanin brought me in on Fridays & later canned me because (as producer Ann E Bus told me)"You're making conservatives look bad."
I filled in for Steve up against Jack Cashill on their show.
All I can say is Steve was always honest & respectful of me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to bring up a negative, but he did have a hard-on for the Northland. His bitterness dated back to Kay Barnes run for Congress, which he honchoed. The Queen of TIF did okay outside KC City Limits, but we in the Northern part of KC knew her, and knew all about her, so she barely drew 20% of the vote within KC limits.

Steve never forgave us, he carried a bitter grudge for the rest of his career(I think he considered it his biggest failure), and he did everything he could from then forward to block any improvements North of the River, unless they were simply the normal KC practice of shoveling Tax Revenues into the pockets of Kansas-based Real Estate Developers.

Anonymous said...

10:15. North Missouri Congress person Sam Graves brain, Jeff Roe, run for Congress against Graves. Apparently Steve went to Roe for help to elect Mike Burke in 2011 campaign for Mayor. They began in January with attack pieces accusing a leading neighborhood activist of being Queen of TIF. Attack pieces paid for by St. Charles, MO, committee with laundered money with unspeakable origins in KC labor. Steve gets a lot of credit/blame for recruiting Kay C. W. B. to run for mayor in the first place. All British Royalists know there can only be one Queen at a time. Subsequent fun and games when Cleaver's 5th Cong. District moved up to Gladstone. Very little publicity. Thousands of voters find out election day that they have been re-districted. Jeff Roe remains to poison the body politic.

Anonymous said...

Correction to 10:43. Jeff Roe should have resented Barnes/Steve G. run for Congress against Graves. Apparently Steve decided if he could not beat Roe, he would join him. The rest is history.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:43, I think maybe when @10:15 called Kay Barnes the "Queen Of TIF", he was referring to her political career.

One term on the KC City Council, appointed Head of the TIF Commission when she couldn't get re-elected, ten years giving away Kansas City's future, and suddenly she has $2.5 million to throw personally into a run for Mayor!

You were right about one thing though! With Steve gone, we only have Jeff Roe poisoning the body politic cesspool! But don't give up hope, some other bag of slime will arise to join Jeffie in thwarting the will of the People!

Anonymous said...

"The pinnacle of his career was during his time with Mayor Kay Barnes."

It was under Kay Barnes that a 35 million Dollar Bond Issue failed.
The Barnes Light Rail proposal failed
The attempt to kill the petition process failed
The 2nd Bi-State proposal failed.? $3,000,000.00 was spent by the losers.


GKC said...

^^^ Obviously, you have never been to a concert at the Sprint Center. That is thanks to Steve. Steve WON. Look at downtown booming. Steve did that. Steve Won.

He took that momentum and passed 800 million of general obligation bonds.

Steve won, you lost.

Sorry loser.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! If Downtown is booming, why can't it pay for its own Debt Service? Never even comes close to carrying its lug, just sucks cash away from other areas of town. Thanks, Kay and Steve!

And as far as the $800 million in GO Bonds, where's the Beef?
The Bonds are being sold, selling slow, but selling, and the proceeds seem to be vanishing into thin air! No projects announced, planned or even speculated about. "Self-supporting" Airports anyone?

And you're right, I've never been to a concert at Sprint Center. Wasn't into 80's Disco the first time around, not into Rap, Hip Hop or Country, and if I want to watch Dinosaurs cavort, I'll stream Jurassic Park.

Anonymous said...

pretty much unknown across state line in Kansas.