Wednesday, September 06, 2017


A bold move by a local elected official confronting an ongoing human rights crisis.

However, it's not exactly surprising that a design team would suggest designing another jail.

Still, the pay increase makes sense along with more ideas to seek input on the crisis rather than avoid it.

Here are more deets with important parts of the statement highlighted by TKC:

Jackson County Executive proposes master planning process after assessment report on JCDC facilities

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A nearly 450-page facility condition assessment report of the Jackson County Department of Corrections Complex concludes that Jackson County should pursue a new corrections facility to serve the community.

The recommendation comes after a months-long evaluation by a locally-based design team from Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, or HOK, who was contracted by the County after a request for the assessment by Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr.

“HOK was asked to take a thorough and honest look at our detention facilities and told not to hold back on their findings,” White said. “Thanks to their hard work, we now have a detailed and clear picture of where we stand in order to make informed and responsible decisions moving forward.”

More than 30 years of deferred maintenance is one major cause of the Department of Corrections deteriorating facilities, according to the HOK design team’s assessment. A full renovation of the four buildings that consist of the corrections complex is estimated to cost nearly $150 million.

“It is important to note that even if the County invested in all of the needed repairs and renovations, the corrections complex would still have inherent inadequacies and deficiencies. It would still be more than 30 years behind current detention standards,” said Sonya Jury, HOK senior project manager.

The HOK design team cited additional factors for their recommendation, including outdated layout, new building codes, new detention guidelines, increasing inmate capacity and low staffing.

Final findings from a separate legislative audit by CRA, Inc. recommended improving recruitment, hiring and retention of detention center staff. White appreciates the auditor’s work and the administration has taken action to address the concerns.

Today, White and his team proposed increasing the starting wage to $15/hour for corrections officers. They also detailed other incentives to attract and retain qualified staff.

“At the time of a 2015 Task Force study, entry pay for Jackson County corrections officers was 38% below the market rate,” White said. “We reduced that gap last year with a new pay structure and today, for the first time, our proposal for entry pay would put our associates in line with the market rate, thus closing that gap.”

In response to the assessment, White is recommending the implementation of a master plan. The goal is to help determine whether the County should renovate, expand, build new or do a combination of those items. The administration will actively engage the legislature, law enforcement and community stakeholders in this process.

Citizens can read the full executive summary of the facility condition assessment by visiting the Jackson County website.

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Silverback Sly said...

Im sure Burns and McDonnell will bw designing the jail too

Anonymous said...

How about Frank making $15/hr for the little time he puts in? Not that he is worth it, because Frank is a piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

The Lesson here is...don't commit crimes that get you put in the Jackson County Jail.


Anonymous said...

Have Tyson build a big ass building like they use for chickens and put a big ass fence around it. Its fucking jail, no need to spend millons.

Hyperblogal said...

A little like asking a lawyer if he/she would recommend using a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

8:06 has a great idea except the chicken processed there would have hepatitis and aids. Let the prisoners do work that's not food related.

Anonymous said...

@8:17 I think 8:06 is referring to the fact Tyson throws those gigantic stinkin' chicken plants up almost overnight, at minimal costs.

I prefer going the route described in the movie Life. Here's the kill line, you step past it, you get killed. Easy enough for even the simplest mind.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for 15.00 per hour as long as the money comes out of the sports complex. Lets cal it Pay for Play.

Anonymous said...

also, make it certified green.

with $15 and certified green, brookside will swing the vote.

ps consider the same things for the cronybairport vote to get it to pass.

Anonymous said...

here must be some money hidden in the wings this finally has Whites attention.

Anonymous said...

White and the rest of the politicians in Jackson County should be rounded up, jailed in the Jackson County Jail. Feral Hogs should be brought into the jail and locked into cells, and not fed for three days. Each one of the Jackson County Politicians, along with White, should individually be stripped naked, theirbodies slashed with razor blades to bloody them up. Then each one of these worthless degenerate miscreants should be forced into the cells with the hogs, till they are all eaten alive!!! That's what they deserve for violating the public trust, corruption, allowing inmate cruelty and death, etc., etc., etc!!!

Anonymous said...

$15 an hour sounds like a reasonable wage for a corrections officer. It's a skilled job. Now if you do the same for burger flippers and other no skill required jobs, only a fool would be a corrections officer.