Thursday, September 14, 2017


After suffering a recent defeat on a streetcar initiative he helped put on the ballot, here's the latest from the most prolific petitioner in Kansas City . . .

Clay Chastain: Recall Affidavit

The following communication from Clay Chastain to.... Mayor Sly James, the City and a select few witnesses... is for the record:

Since recalling a mayor of a major city is a challenging and tumultuous affair, it would only be prudent and fair to seek resolution with that mayor before such a drastic action is undertaken.

From my viewpoint, the multiple bad faith actions by Mayor Sly James and the City against my valid petitions (and honest open government) meet the threshold for recall. (See attached Recall Affidavit)

Since I am the leader, no one (I know of) will attempt to recall Mayor James unless I give the go- ahead.

Hence, here is my proposed resolution to end the long and on-going political and legal war between myself and the city:

If the City will agree to re-submit Ballot Question #2 to voters (anytime in 2017) in its "original form," I will agree to the following:

(1) I will not crow or gloat but accept with gratefulness the City's willingness to correct its mistake and do the right thing.
(2) I will call off the petition drive (slated to commence next week) to recall Mayor Sly James.
(3) I will not design, circulate or submit to the City anymore petitions of any kind, nor will I participate in or support any Kansas City petitions from others.
(4) I will not issue anymore press releases of any kind after the proposed election.

So, all the Mayor and the City have to do is do the right thing and they can avoid...the recall, more lawsuits, negative ramifications to the up-coming airport vote and further "interference" (in the City's business) from Clay Chastain.

It would seem far better for the City to correct its mistake, than have the courts correct it for them.

And speaking of the courts, it would seem preferable (but not necessary) to simultaneously reach a legal settlement between myself and the City (concerning all the on-going litigation) in order to achieve complete and final resolution between parties.

I do not relish nor seek this extreme political confrontation. But, the City has bullied me and picked a fight with me. Nevertheless, I will be the first one to propose an end to the hostilities. But if the arrogance continues and it's confrontation Mayor James and the City want, then it's extreme confrontation they shall have.

Keep in mind the City Council does not need the Mayor's concurrence, and can move unilaterally to resolve this matter on its own.

I respectively offer this resolution in good faith and truly hope that Mayor James is not "arrogant" and not "insincere," but is a "good listener."

The deadline for City Attorney, Cecilia Abbott, to respond is tomorrow at 5 P.M.

Clay Chastain


Anonymous said...

There are myriad reasons to dispose of this mayor prior to his expiration date. Mr. Chastain's idiotic proposals re. public transit don't make the list.

Anonymous said...

Diz dude needz to ztop mezzin wit Slick J'

Anonymous said...

Good for him, the more pressure on the bullhorn the better

Anonymous said...

Clay Chastain's proposal is not idiotic, someone has to do something, doubt that it gets anywhere but it sure is funny that Mayor Bullhorn is being challenged, and hope it does put pressure on him.

Anonymous said...

it goes to the zoo, the airport, and rge stadium, that's idiotic, too far with too little density, that's not for folks that live her who will continue to use their cars. Short extension route is the only sound proposal at this time.

Anonymous said...

any plan of that includes such vast distances has to be incorporated with a larger overall master plan of metro revitalization & transport. u don't just say hey let's spend billions to get a few folks to the stadium, zoo and airport.

Anonymous said...

a cross town on independence ave, or routes across shawnee mission prkway, dwn troost or paseo are all more sane statements for longer routes in the near or far future than saying let's do a route to the zoo.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

for christ sake
that's all he's got, he sat down with a couple magic markers and some glue one day and we are supposed to pony up billions. idiotic.