Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Behind the scenes, momentum for this GOP dude is building as he remains mostly on the outs with his own party and serves sort of a RINO in Jeff City.

To wit . . .


There are a lot of reasons this could happen but our readers lay out a couple of important facets of the discussion.

Here's the word:

"Last week I was called for a survey about the airport. The survey was from Central Marketing. I believe it was paid for by Burns & Mac. The last question asked was who would you support for Mayor, list began with Mark Alford, Taylor, Reed, Justus, Wagner, and MO State Senator Silvey. I answered I was undecided. Although Wagner won your informal poll, most people in the Northland are disappointed or frustrated in some of Wagner's positions: Like the subsidized housing, streetcar, airport and downtown hotel. Councilman Wagner is counting on no one else running from the Northland and getting their vote by default. 

State Sen. Silvey would create a whole new dynamic to the Mayors race. Sen. Silvey has shown independence from being a yes man, while Councilman Wagner is your basic KCMO establishment politician."

Another one of TKC's most KICK-ASS commenters . . .

"Burns and Mac is Sen. Ryan Silvey’s 5th largest donor, flinging $24K his way."

You decide . . .


Nuff said...

Silvey > Wagner

Anonymous said...

Jean Peters Baker brought NOVA to Kansas City and sold it to us as the solution to Kansas City's crime problem. She was in the Star and on Television selling that turd. Where is she now? Hey Jean, where are you? You promised tougher sentences and targeted attacks on those those that prey on society!!!! Where are you now? You came to the urban core with promises, but all we see is a rising homicide rate.

Mayor James appointed an anti crime commission that is widely regarded as a joke and killed Jolie's chances as a serious mayoral candidate. Stripping this city of police officers just so you can build trains, hotels and an airport. Public safety IS infrastructure. We cannot ever support another candidate for city council, or mayor, that won't put our safety first.

It's not use to put blame where it belongs and vote no on everything until we have a safer city.

If Silvey get in the race he would be the only person that can fix the problems the current lemmings created. This would be great for Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

Latest poll has Silvey winning Wagner's own district by 20 points.

Anonymous said...

Being affiliated with Burns & Mac is about to become very toxic in this city politically.

Anonymous said...

Silvey cost the taxpayers of NKC $600 Million when he blocked the sale of NKC Hospital for the benefit of the Hospital bureaucrats. $600 Million that could have gone to schools, parks, streets, tax cuts, health care benefits and other civic purposes for the citizens of NKC and the Northland!! Silvey would be a horrible Mayor.

Anonymous said...

The sale of NKC Hospital would have been a total disaster for the Residents of North Kansas City.
The consultants who falsely accused the Clay Western Commissioner of trying to sell the NKC Hospital a year ago in the 2016 election now want to criticize Silvey for opposing the sale.
I know your consulting group has zero ethics or integrity, do you also have no decency or shame?

JD said...


As soon as they heard him talk, the contest would be over. Silvey is a loser.

Anonymous said...

It makes no difference who gets elected as mayor or council in KCMO.
Shortly before the new gang is sworn in, they're summonsed to various law offices and the board room at the Chamber of Commerce and instructed as to what their priorities are going to be and who is going to get what.
Look at the past mayors and councils for decades.
They have little to no understanding or appreciation of municipal public policy and really not any interest in it to speak of.
They're water carriers for the swells, amateur real estate developers, and simply the middlemen between the taxpayers' general fund and the endless line of salesmen, consultants, developers, grifters, special interest shakedown artists, urban futurists, and all the rest, and nothing more.
Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber.

Anonymous said...

The common thread that runs through all that are mentioned are that they are all elected polls. Ask yourself if KC is a better place than when Wagner, Taylor or Justus arrived. Ask yourself if Missouri is in better shape than when Silvey was first elected. The folks aren't qualified to run a lemonade stand. Hell, they all even make Sly James look competent. Put Mickey Mouse on the ballot and he'll win by a landslide.

KNbg said...

^^^ EXCELLENT comment 9:50 - Nice work.

Anonymous said...

No, the mail reason that NKC didn't make any money from the sale of the North Kansas City Hospital is that the pack of senile stumblebums comprising the Mayor and Council forgot that THEY DIDN'T OWN THE NORTH KANSAS CITY HOSPITAL! That fact sort of scared off any potential buyers! You will notice that, since then, they haven't tried to sell off any more things they don't own, like the NKC High School or the North Kansas City Dairy Queen.

Having cleared that up, I'd like to say that Silvey has just proved, once again, that his highly flexible principles are lose enough to accommodate the needs of any of his constituents, provided those needs are clearly outlined in a letter stapled to a check for a sufficient amount. Apparently the B&M donation(s) can serve as a guideline for any of us wondering if we can afford to be represented in State Government.