Tuesday, September 05, 2017


Last year Downtown Convention Hotel developers PROMISED A SPRING GROUNDBREAKING . . . Then it was moved back to Summer. Now plans seem to have changed again much to the dismay of elected officials who no longer seem content to wait patiently as other development inside the loop moves forward at record breaking speed.

To wit . . .


Opponents of the hotel have long complained about the lack of a public term sheet and very little transparency into the project. Insiders into the deal are on record noting a $40-million financing shortfall.

And now after a violent summer that hosted quite a bit of infrastructure FAIL . . . Locals aren't as enthusiastic about KC spending $35-MILLION up front and hundreds of millions in tax breaks to play home to tourists when neighborhood priorities are mostly ignored.

Here's the word:

"They aren't getting any more chances. At the end of Sept. they're going to ask for an extension and they will run into opposition. We'll have this debate again because City Hall can't be the only one paying for the hotel. We've been patient and now it's time for them to prove they can finish this deal. If not, we need to have the freedom to look elsewhere."

To be fair, there's a lawsuit threat that looms over the process and Mayor Sly James has warned his colleagues that any attempt to get out of this deal would expose KCMO to liability.

However, the cost-analysis risk decision confronting Council doesn't seem quite so scary given that developers still need to PUBLICLY prove that they have deep pockets backing their proposal in the first place.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

With the flooding, the airport and all the killings. Kc has too much to deal with. They had their chance. Find somebody else who doesn't need KC to back the deal.

KC JD said...

Don't trust Sly with much but i know that he understands the legal process. Blame the last council for this mess. But Kc is now on the hook for it.

Anonymous said...

How much public money has ALREADY been spent and how much property already given away?
When an attorney who has ZERO experience or track record in either the hotel business or actual development, but instead is an expert at identifying and using as many public subsides, tax deals, and other shenanigans to both earn a nice living and try to get deals for people with no money, makes believe he's going to be the "developer" for a project of this size, anyone with any common sense at all should have been able to see what was coming.
Of course, that requirement excludes Sly and his rah rah gang at 12th and Oak.
And of course, there's always the airport fiasco to prove the point. And as terrible as that process has been so far, it's sure to get worse for the taxpayers and flying public.
KCMO government reminds you of what Yogi Berra said during his tenure as the Mets' coach during their very worse years:
"Can't anybody here play this game?".

Anonymous said...

It was Casey Stengel not Yogi Berra but great points.

Anonymous said...

kcmo government pretends it knows what it's doing.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about this? There's GAY SEX for JACK THE RIPPER to cruise for!!!

Anonymous said...

Also it was Mel Ott, not Casey Stengel.

Hyperblogal said...

This hotel, allegedly a no brainer for convention business development, can't attract enough private money to build it. Apparently the really smart money says boondoggle too.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ +100

Anonymous said...

KC = Waste of money. Also a horrible tourist destination.

Anonymous said...

Sly will get it exactly as he wants it. Vote next time!!!

Anonymous said...

Frankly,,, you all need to do a serious check of all your TAXES your already paying !!

LOOK at your Damn utility bills with all the Bogus Phony City Taxes secretly injected into them, especially your Electric Bill from KCP&L as well as your Water and Gas and phone bills.

Next take a deep revue into your Property Taxes on your home and Vehicles, how much your paying in TAXES and look at the itemized break down where YOUR TAX Dollars actually go !!

This city is like Double & Triple Taxing residents & citizens under all kinds of PHONY , BOGUS catch phrases & Buzz Words attached to your BILLS, with hopes YOU won't notice or question what their for !

and if YOU do raise any questions or RED FLAGS, its Damn YOU all to hell, you no good SOB ~ !!

Tellin' ya',, you all need to get damn serious about just how much your being Railroaded , screwed, lied to, defrauded in the amount of TAXES your paying to "supposedly" fund infrastructure and other city services in this city & county, that aren't truly being used as POLITICIANS with KCMO claim they are !!!!

Prime example is all those like 5 to 7 supposed "ANTI-CRIME GROUPS", for which YOU never - ever see anywhere, unless it at a KCMO CITY HALL or Jackson County Prosecutors office for "PHOTO'-OP Publicity stunts",,,

Also,,, take a look and add up all the MONEY in CITY EARNINGS TAXES some of you were forced to pay thru lies and bullshit, when it came time to supposedly VOTE to keep that phony City Earnings TAX
Add Up thru the year all 12 months how much that is $$$$$$$$

then take that and times that X a few million people in KCMO

Then add up all those SALES TAXES on everything you buy thru the year

People your being screwed and lied to and your MONEY is being STOLEN from you by that Corrupt Fraudulent Commie' Liberal Jack-Ass down there in KCMO City Hall, by the name of - "SLY JAMES" and his commie' co-horts !

Its time to wake up people to what that Degenerate SOB is up to and stop him dead in his goddamn tracks !!!

Anonymous said...

it's hard to be against a pretty new hotel but one does have to wonder about supply and demand at some point.

Anonymous said...

The hotel will get built anyway. This is one of the crown jewels in the S'lie James Regime. That, along with the airport and streetcar are ALL he's talked about for his entire tenure as mayor. Not KC's record breaking murder rate, not severely poor infrastructure, not schools, none of that. Priorities 1, 2, and 3 have always been, in some order, downtown convention hotel, new KCI, streetcar. By hook or by crook and no matter how many tax payers he screws in the process, he's going to get them.

The fact that after all these years of pulling the wool over our eyes, and back door deals between S'lie, his buddy Mike Burke, JE Dunn, etc and all the money they are fleecing the city for to build the damn thing the so-called developers STILL can't finance this thing. That should send a huge red flag to everyone with half a brain that this thing shouldn't even see the light of day. Yet, I'm sure this next deadline will come and go, just like the rest of them, and 3 months from now they'll still be searching for more ways to dick taxpayers out of more money in order to come closer to building this PRIVATE project with even more tax payer money. I think at last check we were up to over half this thing being financed by tax payers.

Rinse and repeat


Anonymous said...

KCMO could really hone its branding by naming the airport Pendergast International and the hotel, The Pendergast.

The hotel could have a Gatsby speakeasy that businessmen would remember.

Anonymous said...

does anybody else have a queasy feeling that all of these things are part of a bubble?

not sure, but they might, imho.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? At least we'll have cool stuff.

This economy is still improving fundamentally and it's not crashing anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Traders Vic's was a great bar. But a Gatsby speakeasy alongside a New York style steak restaurant would be a winner, too.

Anonymous said...

Burke will be back for more City dollars! He's already getting $35 Miilion from the General Fund (money that should go for public safety), and $130 Million in TIF diverted tax revenue (money that should go to City, School District, and other public purposes). Apparently it's not enough for Burke, he wants more.

Vote against any Councilpeople who support this scam! Recall Sly and fire Troy Schulte!!!!

agentzero said...

No to the hotel, that is a Sly/Burke deal not a public need. The billionaires of kc may well decide to share in a hotel, ask them council.

agentzero said...

Hasn't the real estate pork orgy gone about far enough. Sly enabled this inside lawyer game and forgot "to serve". People of greater KC deserve better. Time for Schulte to go.

Anonymous said...

Screw the KC taxpayer. It is amazing these guys are in power. I will be moving out of this city to believe it or not to the State of Kansas. Every time I pay a property Tax or utility bill I hold my nose and cringe. I can no longer be here. KCMO needs new governing leadership and it does not look like it will be happening any time soon.