Thursday, September 14, 2017

TKC Blog Community Question: Do We Really Need Downtown Kansas City Bike Loop???

In theory this is a nice amenity for locals but it's also a sign that City Hall continues their myopic focus hipster luxury life while neighborhoods outside the center city continue to crumble and cope with violence. You decide:

Crews start painting streets for Downtown Bike Loop

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Crews have started painting the streets for the Downtown Bike Loop project in the River Market at 5th Street and Grand Avenue. City leaders said they will have to make some repairs to road surfaces as well as re-stripe many of the roads involved.


Anonymous said...

No. They have the streetcar. It is getting impossible to drive downtown.

Anonymous said...

Hell yes, paint the Bike Path right down the middle of the Streetcar Tracks and call it done!

Anonymous said...

Main Street is useless for auto traffic. Let's get rid of the trolley and open it up for autos and bikes.

Silverback Sly said...

Here is the go bond money for infrastructure