Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday Links

Lots of link work to cover with Liz & Ali inspiration as we review some of the most important Kansas City MSM stories. Checkit:

Old School Kansas City Hotel District

From the archives: Armour Boulevard history

The businesses that once lined the southeast corner of Armour and Troost are mostly gone now, with the remaining ones boarded up. But in earlier days, the block from Armour south to 36th Street, from Troost to Forest, was a lively part of Armour Boulevard's apartment hotel district.

12th & Oak Talks Tenants

City hall wants to know your thoughts on regulating short-term rentals

What should the city of Lee's Summit include in a potential ordinance regulating home rental services, such as Airbnb and HomeAway? Whether you're a resident concerned about your neighbor renting out their homes to out-of-towners or a homeowner looking to make some extra cash renting out rooms, city leaders want to hear from you.

Today's Pitch Punditry

The new local head of the EPA is a nightmare

YouTube Meet Cathy Stepp, the new head of the local Environmental Protection Agency's regional office. She's now in charge of overseeing 450 employees in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. As the Star noted yesterday in a useful editorial, there are many reasons to believe Stepp will be terrible at her job.

Raytown FD Call Out This Dude

Raytown firefighters release images of man they say broke into fire station while they were out collecting for MDA

RAYTOWN, Mo. -- Raytown police and firefighters released two images Tuesday of a man they need help identifying. They say firefighters were out of the station collecting money for the Muscular Dytsrophy Association Monday, when the man pictured allegedly went through a firefighter's belongings, stole a wallet, shoes and other things.

Kansas City Hungry For Healthcare

Kansas City Metro's First Annual Hunger Free Healthcare Summit - Kansas City infoZine

Kansas City Metro's First Annual Hunger Free Healthcare Summit Olathe, KS - infoZine - Hunger Free Healthcare KC, a coalition of nonprofits, government organizations, and hospitals is pleased to announce the first annual Hunger Free Healthcare Summit, bringing together local hunger advocates and healthcare professionals from around the metro for a dynamic discussion on the intersection of hunger and health.

Local Hero Comeback

Metro first responders return home after rescuing people, animals stranded in aftermath of Harvey

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- When Texas asked for help, volunteers in the Kansas City metro stepped up. Local first responders are home, having given of themselves in the Houston area, where flood waters left by Hurricane Harvey are still high and deep.

Rock Chalk Campus Carry Scare

KU student finds loaded, stolen handgun on toilet in restroom of Wescoe Hall

Student finds loaded, stolen handgun on toilet in restroom of Wescoe Hall at University of Kansas LAWRENCE - The University of Kansas' Department of Public Safety seized a loaded, stolen handgun after a student found it late Tuesday morning on the fourth floor of Wescoe Hall, a classroom and office building on campus, authorities said.

Season Of Hype Starts Now

Kansas City Chiefs: 10 bold predictions for 2017 season

Football season is finally back, and the Kansas City Chiefs will kick off league action this Thursday against the New England Patriots. With the season getting started, it's time for experts and analysts to start dropping their predictions for the year. That's true for us here at KC Kingdom as well.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

My mechanic looks nothing like that, just one of many ways i've been ripped off.

Anonymous said...

It's a setup, someone left the gun there on purpose. Notice that it was a "stolen gun" so there's no way to trace it back to a student. Nobody would carry a stolen gun and then kill someone in self defense with it.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Excellent point!

But who would risk being caught with a stolen gun just to make a political point?

Hyperblogal said...

I predict the cries for Mahomes to enter the fray will start midway through the first quarter of the first game.

Anonymous said...

@10:03, do not underestimate the lengths to which progressive activists will go to set up a strawman crime. Forget not the entirely fake and made up accounts that permitted the progressives to nearly destroy the Mizzou campus. The progressive footmen who are coerced into these actions really don't have two brain cells to rub together, so if the prog organizers say its all good, then they will do it. Stealing a gun to leave in a bathroom, no problem for them. Now the action is out there and the tearful local talk stations are tearfully calling for absolution through removal of that law.

Anonymous said...

^^Uh huh. And you're bat-shit cray too. Progressives...always the progressives! Grow up, remove the tin-foil hat, and join the real world. Dumbshit!

Anonymous said...

^^^ fuck off, Geezer Hater.

Anonymous said...

^^No I agree with 11:56 AM. Only shitheads blame things on progressives, You seem like a shithead too.

Anonymous said...

^^^ nice try 3:25, we really know you're Geezer Hater. You always post comments to support yourself, and think no one picks up on it.