Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Kansas City Thursday Morning Look

Let's start out with classic Lisa Ann and her pr0n game legacy whilst we check out some of the top Kansas City local links for right now . . .

Fowl Attacks Continue In Kansas City

Owls continue swooping attacks on people in Brookside neighborhood

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- People in Brookside have reported owls swooping down and attacking them. At least one attack happened as recently as this week. The attacks started at the end of August. They prompted one woman to put up signs warning her neighbors about the nocturnal creatures.

Golden Ghetto Switcheroo Lesson

Sudden change of leadership at Olathe middle school sees two administrators depart

OLATHE, Kan. -- FOX 4 is working to learn more about why a principal and assistant principal were suddenly let go at Oregon Trail Middle School in Olathe. On Wednesday, FOX 4 asked the school district for specifics about the two departures, the district only said that it's a "personnel matter" which prevents them from saying more.

JoCo Old School Targeted

Roommate stops friend from being scammed

What started as a kidnapping call Wednesday morning turned into a financial warning for older residents. Police were called after a person observed what he thought was an older man being forced into a car. Officers say the man was trying to walk to the bank inside of the Hy-Vee around the corner.

Kansas City Recovery House

Kansas City Sober Living Home helping support recovering addicts

This ordinary house serves an extraordinary mission. "You've got to learn how to live again," said PJ Vadovicky. "You need some accountability. So we provide those things." Vadovicky manages Kansas City Recovery's new Sober Living Home. It's a refuge for men new to sobriety. "You know what - we lose a lot.

Urban Core Oasis

KC man spends own time, money building neighborhood park

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Hidden in Kansas City's Ivanhoe neighborhood, near 40th Street and Wayne Avenue, is a small sports oasis. There are basketball courts, a playground, green grass and a putting ground - all stark contrasts to an area better known for blight. And Chris Harris is the man responsible for it all.

Classic Artsy Redux

'Antigone' kicks off season of reinvented myths and tales at MET

Although "Antigone" has Greek roots, and the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre's new production was adapted by a French playwright during World War II, the play didn't actually start to click for director Karen Paisley until she looked at it with American eyes. Specifically, looking at the title protagonist as an American icon.

Fashionista For A Good Cause

Noble Native appeals to your clearance rack-weary conscience

Zach Bauman It calls to you: the discount rack at the cheap clothing chain. You heard that siren's cry in April, and you bought a few cheap tops at a big-box store. Now they're unraveling in the dryer and you're binge-browsing closeouts all over again in September, knowing you're doomed to keep repeating the cycle.

NINA SIMONE - Sinnerman (1965) is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I would like to get on top of Lisa Ann

Anonymous said...

Ivanhoe neighborhood needs to take that painting of two black people down now!

That picture is showing racism, depicting that white people aren't allowed to go there or live there! It's saying blacks only.

Don't let this neighborhood get by with this!

Anonymous said...

That guy has been scamming the city out of money for about ten years now and there's practically nothing there to show for it, he gets on tv about twice a year begging for money.

Anonymous said...

GO away 6:57AM. You aren't funny or remotely clever. Another dullard heard from.

Anonymous said...


Fade to black!!!

The Truth of the Matter said...

7:42 you're wrong and 6:57 is almost dead on. That painting show show children of all color if it's to be in a public location. If it's an artists work for display in a home that's a different thing. The blacks want diversity but can't understand that's a two way street. But while he puts some money and effort into the park he has had a lot of handouts from like Children's Mercy Hospital to make it happen. So it isn't just one man doing it all.

Anonymous said...

^^Your comment was particuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

^^^ Mommy must have put him down for his nap.

Anonymous said...

^^^Pro Tip: It means this whole thread is dullsville pops.

Silverback Sly said...

Them kewl kidz amd they internetz lingo

Anonymous said...

^^How's life as a tranny Sly? Chip off the ole' block huh?