Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Kansas City Thursday Link Pool

Classic JenMAC inspires this quick peek at the top Kansas City mainstream media links for right now . . .

Kansas City Tech Branding

Animal health leaders say KC can't escape 'cowtown' (and shouldn't try)

Kansas City shouldn't run from its "cowtown" label, Techweek KC presenters said Wednesday. "We can celebrate agriculture, and we can also be hip and metropolitan," said Kimberly Young , president of the KC Animal Health Corridor . The view Wednesday gave a vista of modern downtown, with the shimmering Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts at the forefront.

MCI Quandary Redux

Opinion: Do we want to move ahead on KCI or relitigate the past? - Kansas City Business Journal

The process of selecting a prospective design/development team for a new airport terminal hasn't been pretty. But has it been effective? In the week since a selection committee recommended a team other than Burns & McDonnell's to design and develop a new airport terminal, I've heard people pick apart the process in every way imaginable.

Rock Chalk Harassment Case

University of Kansas Hospital sued for sex discrimination

The sex discrimination lawsuit was filed in federal court Tuesday, The Kansas City Star reported. The lawsuit alleges Demi Trimble began working as a hospital cook in May 2016 when another cook began sexually harassing her that same month. Trimble alleges she told human resources about the harassment, but the issues were never addressed and the harassment continued.

Show-Me More Vaporware

Hyperloop One announces its American finalists for rapid transit system

Hyperloop One, which had claimed it could build a futuristic mode of travel to zoom people from Kansas City to St. Louis in about 20 minutes, announced four U.S. route finalists Thursday. The cross-state route in Missouri, which might have included a stop in Columbia, is not among the finalists of the Hyperloop One "Global Challenge."

Kansas Rolling Toward Another Hot Mess

Kansas leaders concerned about new drivers' license system

Cara Doyle/KMBC SOURCE: Cara Doyle/KMBC Kansas lawmakers and auditors worry about potential technical problems with the planned launch of a multimillion-dollar computer system for issuing and tracking 2 million driver's license records that's five years behind schedule. The Topeka Capital-Journal reports the Kansas Department of Revenue plans to launch the computer system in January.

Super Group Survivor Tribute

Kansas City Holocaust survivor honored at Arrowhead U2 concert

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The recognitions continue to grow for a Kansas City grandmother who survived the Holocaust and is using her experience to spread love and hope to anyone who will listen. Tuesday evening U2 honored Warshawski for the impact she's making on her community.

Kansas City Fizzy Report

KC Soda Co. Pops Bottles at The City Market

"What is this place?" asks a young woman as she walks through the door of the KC Soda Co. in the City Market (20 E. Fifth St.). She's right to wonder, as 700 bottles - free from the confines of a vending machine - are stacked on metro shelves that line a space roughly the size of a studio apartment.

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TOP PHOTO -- Good Times At Lap Pool

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