Thursday, September 07, 2017

The Kansas City Thursday Link Dump

Just a few notes worth a read for those of us bored with our social media frenemies this evening. Take a peek:

Kansas City Movie Discourse

Bruce Campbell talks B-movies and Ash ahead of his Alamo Drafhouse visit

Your Harrison Fords and your Bruce Willises play action heroes who take out bad guys through determination, wit and physical commitment. Then there's Bruce Campbell. He's the actor whose fanbase coalesces around Ashley J. "Ash" Williams, the Evil Dead franchise figure who imagines himself Indiana Jones but hews closer to Daffy Duck as he battles supernatural forces.

Front Office Foibles 2017

Kansas City Royals: Dayton Moore Sacrificed Bullpen for Home Runs

The Kansas City Royals seemed to follow a pattern this past offseason. General manager Dayton More followed the advice of Home Improvement 's Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor and opted for more power. He chose power over adding speed or helping the bullpen. Moore made a big move trading closer Wade Davis to Chicago for Jorge Soler.

Even More Kansas City Teen Terror

KC gas station employees 'working in fear' after teens target business five times

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "Man, it just happened in a couple of moments. It was like a short span of thirty seconds," said a 24-year-old cashier about the brazen crimes he says a group of teenagers committed at a Kansas City gas station. The clerk says around 10 p.m.

Show-Me Conservative Snowflake

'Stupid' liberal bumper stickers triggered Ozarks man, so he flashed a gun, police say

A man in the Ozarks has been charged after he allegedly pointed his pistol at a woman because she had Democratic bumper stickers on her car. Edward Burns of Ozark, Mo., was charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon in the late August incident.

KCMO Music Scene Rundown

Concert Review: Rich the Factor, the Popper and Don Juan at 7th Heaven

"I'm KC!" I don't wear Kansas City-branded t-shirts and I've never used a #kcpride hashtag. Yet as the Popper performed his latest anthem about Kansas City in a parking lot on Troost Avenue on Labor Day, I realized that I may be Kansas City's truest music enthusiast.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

How long do think BP will leave this gasoline station open after 5 different incidents of teen flash mobs robbing it blind? The blight and crime just continues, and then our feared city leaders wonder why nobody wants to locate a business on the east side. The police scratch their heads and "they all look alike anyway". Ever heard of twitter, instagram, and all the other social media spots? Does anybody in the KCPD bother to monitor the more notorious sites? If they did manage to identify somebody, would our wonderous prosecutor even bother with it. If their parents became aware of a son or daughter doing this, would it matter? I can already predict the results of this "investigation" and the outcome, which would be that another east side business will close, the employees will be out of work, the building will become an abandoned eyesore, and people in the neighborhood will have to find another place to get their gas.

Anonymous said...

AA on Prospect Big ducking surprise

Anonymous said...

Typical butt-hurt repubtards melting down. Dude is too fucking stupid to own a gun. Poor little triggered snowflake.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new here, Black Teenage Groups have been "swarming" Convenience Stores in this town for a decade.

I hear that the Spics have started doing the same thing, guess the "Whiggers" are next.

Anonymous said...

2:49, good post. You stopped just short of the part where the race hucksters demand that the City use public money to put a convenience store where the BP station used to be, because there is a gas desert in that area. Fuck 'em.

Anonymous said...

Lets raise KC and make it a huge state park. That town is a nemeses.