Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Kansas City Sunday Link List

Sunday morning angelic Selita hotness and some local links worth a look right now. Checkit:

Signs Of Kansas City Urban Core Gentrification Frustration
Haters Gonna Hate
Owl Season Of Terror Cont'd

Some Brookside residents concerned about aggressive owl

Some people in Brookside are concerned about an owl that's attacked people and small animals.

Local Blaze Aftermath

Arson leaves metro area non-profit scrambling to transport medical equipment

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- An arsonist has destroyed a vital tool used to provide medical equipment to the disabled. Someone set fire to a truck used by Mid America Alliance for Access on Thursday. The non-profit accepts donations of gently used medical equipment, repairs them then sells them at a fraction of retail costs.

Dead Tree Public Safety Talk

How Kansas City can improve its fire department

Kansas City has an important opportunity to re-think and re-make its fire service in the coming weeks. City Hall should seize it. Current Fire Chief Paul Berardi is retiring in November after 32 years with the Kansas City Fire Department. By all accounts, Berardi has served his community with courage and hard work.

Goodbye Kara

Kara Kopetsky laid to rest 10 years after disappearing

Kara Kopetsky, who was missing for 10 years, was laid to rest Saturday. Hundreds of people turned out for her funeral; it was standing-room only. "We know that this is not the end. Kara's in heaven and we're going to see her again," Kara's mother, Rhonda Beckford said.

Crowder - Prove It ft. KB is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I would like to get on top of Selita

Anonymous said...

Somebody take a .22 out there and shoot that fucking owl.
I'm sick of hearing about it.

Anonymous said...

Owl: 10 points.

Brookside: 0

And the Owl is protected. If you shoot it you will run afoul of THE LAW.

Anonymous said...

Ha.. I seen what you did there.. run afoul LOL

Anonymous said...


Selita barely contains her surprise after being named the winner in the new KCI runway competition!!!

Anonymous said...

Selita says "See Black Women, this is what you would all look like if you weren't a disgusting pack of Hogs!"

Anonymous said...

Is KC social scene for whites only? Young blacks say they’re ‘tolerated,’ not welcomed

Dz Ztar haz diz cuttin edge zocial ting diz morning


Anonymous said...

"When an owl comes to a mouse picnic, it's not there for the sack races"
Thomas Banacek

"The chicken that clucks the loudest is the one most likely to go to the Steamfitter's Picnic"
Thomas Banacek.

Anonymous said...

Who needs a .22, that can get you in trouble for discharging a firearm in the City limits. An air gun (GAMO or equivalent ~ .17) will kill it just as dead, and more quietly than a 22 short.