Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Kansas City Smart News Links

Lots of stuff to consider this afternoon in addition to contemplating the lady who uses "Shea Booty" as a stage name. Here's a quick rundown of the top news stories right now . . .

Another Kansas City Booze Fest Tonight

Westport hosts its first ever Oktoberfest

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For the first time ever, German heritage is taking over Westport for a four-day Oktoberfest event. The rest of the weekend has activities for the whole family. To see the full schedule of events planned click here. The celebration will wrap up Sunday with a " Lederhosen Lap" 5k.

Kansas City Digging Deep

J. Rieger and Co.'s intriguing excavation project

By Paul Thompson Northeast News So you've recently unearthed a sealed passage in the more than century-old building that houses your distillery, at the site of the former Heim Brewery bottling facility in Kansas City's East Bottoms. What do you do? If you're J. Reiger and Co., you find a shovel and start digging.

Local Work For The Holidays

FedEx to add 1,500 seasonal positions to KC area as holidays approach

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- FedEx is hiring people for 1,500 open seasonal positions in Kansas City. The openings include package handlers and other support positions. This is part of a network-wide effort to hire 50,000 people as the busy holiday season draws nearer.

Football Distraction Cont'd

ESPN to host 'Tailgating Hour' Monday night at Arrowhead

The tailgating scene at Arrowhead Stadium is a magical one, especially before primetime games. Anyone who has been there can recall the smoke that creeps through the air, the scent of barbecue overwhelming each person's senses, and the variety of music blasting behind the laughter of diehard (and sometimes intoxicated) fans.

New & Improved NKC???

North Kansas City residents invited to experience Armour Road improvements in advance

North Kansas City is undergoing a temporary transformation today. Proposed improvements are in the works for Armour Road to make it more vibrant and safe. Wednesday temporary bike lanes, open space seating and gathering areas are being constructed at Armour and Fayette.

Dead-Tree Dictates Neighborhood Policy???

This playhouse is an ailing little girl's quiet place. The HOA wants it gone

You can see the bright pink playhouse from Missouri 7, across a soybean field on the edge of a neighborhood called Rockhill, near the border of Blue Springs and Independence. The 8-by-8-foot house has a porch with real flowers in pots and bird feeders. It has shingles and windows with screens.

Kansas City Movie Coming Soon

Hometown Filmmaker Brings Hollywood Ideas To Kansas City, And Questionable Love Ensues

What does it mean for a film to be "a love letter to the Heartland"? That's how " Different Flowers" is being pitched. Director Morgan Dameron grew up spending summers at her grandparents' farm in Moberly, Missouri, and last summer the Kansas City native spent 18 days shooting her first feature film here.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Gray Back said...

Sounds like a real thriller. Hope nobody got raped or mugged during the filming.

Anonymous said...

Must be one of the girl movies the trailer did nothing for me.

Anonymous said...

I'd tell that HOA to back the fuck off.

Anonymous said...

We really need some good porn. of course finding six women who can shag in KC is like finding six boons with PHDs.

Anonymous said...


Asked why I was so late getting home from work lately, even after hiring a new secretary, I honestly explained that I was getting behind more often!!!

Anonymous said...

Hell, that playhouse is in Blue Springs!
Have any of these people ever looked around Blue Springs?

If they had put a pickup Truck up on concrete blocks with the tires off in their front driveway as a "quiet place" for the poor kid, it would have fitted right in with the rest of the neighborhood!