Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Kansas City Midweek Morning Layout

The forecast is heating up just a bit as this reporting into the life and times of a fitness babe piques our bloggy interest. Also, here are some of the somewhat important Kansas City MSM links. Take a look:

Kansas City Intro Party

Clarkson Construction hosts introduction for Edgemoor team

The City of Kansas City, Missouri's Procurement Selection Committee has given the edge in the battle to construct a new billion-dollar single terminal at Kansas City International Airport to the proposer that offered the lowest cost, stands to gain the smallest profit, met the City's significant requirements for local involvement, and has been involved in $60 billion worth of aviation projects at 27 airports.

City Hall Tech Development Scheme

5 startups enjoy growth, connections with KCMO innovation partnership

Although the government may be pegged as resistant to change, Kansas City Mayor Sly James wants to flip the script. "On a city level, we aren't having much help from the state and federal governments sometimes," James said at the Innovation Partnership Program demo day on Monday at WeWork Corrigan Station.

Wrong Guy Killed???

New clue leaves KC shooting victim's family wondering if he was mistakenly targeted

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City father was gunned down in the middle of the street and now his family is wondering if their loved one could have been the victim of mistaken identity. Marcell Smith was shot to death in broad daylight last Friday. "Nothing was wrong with my little brother.

Enduring Local Song

This Kansas City Jazz Singer Has Survived Life As Patsy Cline - And Other Challenges

When Molly Hammer takes the stage in front of people who haven't seen her, their first reaction may be curiosity. Hammer is small, with a shock of bright red hair styled into a pageboy, her face serene under glaring white stage lights.

Doggie Good Deeds Report

Strangers rescue couple's dogs during fire in Platte County

A couple's two dogs were rescued by strangers from a fire in Platte County on Tuesday evening. The extent of the damage at the home near 76th and Fox is significant. The couple who owns the house were gone when the fire broke out, and were it not for two strangers, the couple's dogs might not have survived.

Radiohead - Lift is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


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