Friday, September 22, 2017

The Kansas City Friday Night Link Look

Hottie JJ helps us complete tonight's glimpse at all the top local MSM stories for tonight. Take a peek:

Kansas City Urban Core Burnout

Fire destroys home near Askew and Smart

By Paul Thompson Northeast News An early morning fire near the intersection of Askew and Smart on Friday, September 22 destroyed a Historic Northeast home, though KCFD firefighters kept the blaze from spreading throughout the neighborhood. Zachary Laman lives across the street from the home on Smart Avenue, and was awakened by the sound of the sirens.

Kansas City Pizza Party Panned

Sixth man charged in baseball bat attack of Kansas City pizza delivery driver

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Jackson County prosecutor charged a sixth suspect, a 19-year-old KC man, in the recent assault of a pizza delivery man in south Kansas City. Like the five other suspects, Ketrail Collins was charged Friday with robbery in the 1st degree and armed criminal action.

Dead-Tree Discipline Dictates

St. Teresa's students who posed with swastika made of beer pong cups need an education

Where to begin with the St. Teresa's Academy students only lightly punished by the school after posing for party pics with the swastika they'd fashioned with beer pong cups? In the day, younger sisters, some of us would have been expelled from our Catholic schools for the cups alone.

Smart City Cash???

Eyeing Midwest startups, Firebrand Ventures adds to advisory board

A Kansas City-based venture fund announced the addition of another distinguished advisory board member. Joining the team alongside Techstars CEO David Cohen, Kansas Citian Keith Harrington, who's the managing director for Novel Growth Partners , and Brian McClendon, former Uber vice president of maps, Tom Ball is expected to bring his Austin-based investor experience to Firebrand Ventures.

Celebrating More Kansas City Drama

KCAT's A Lie of the Mind is a fitting, wounding elegy for Sam Shepard

"You don't need to be cruel," a mother admonishes early in A Lie of the Mind, the 1985 Sam Shepard play now onstage at the Kansas City Actors Theatre. "This whole thing is cruel," her son fires back. As theses go, that's as good as any.

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Anonymous said...

Religion teaches us they don't deserve the tax breaks.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Rats.... The got me.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see another home destroyed in the Old Northeast. Used to live in the area and wanted to buy and renovate one of those old houses, but we had a kid to worry about. Lots of hard working people raised pretty decent families in these houses, guess those days are gone forever. Sad!

Too bad the Federal Courts seized and destroyed the KCMO Schools in the 1970s, that crapfest drove everyone who cared about their kids (black and white) out of the area and left it open to become a dumping ground for recent immigrants. Not that the Northeast hadn't played that role in the past, the number of Italian, German, Polish, Mexican, Jewish, and yes, African American families that passed through these homes are the true foundation of the Metro Area!

The difference now seems to be some sense of entitlement on the part of SOME of the residents in the area. The majority of the folks there now are doing their best, struggling in some cases with a different language and culture, but trying. Others, however, black, white, Hispanic, Asian and who knows, are sitting on their asses with their hands out! These are the folks that cause the crime, and yes, there's a lot of it, and THEY squat in the houses that now blight almost every block in the Old Northeast. The lack of City Standards and Inspection of Rental Properties is the great unspoken tragedy of this town!

Unless we somehow get some leadership in the Mayor's Office and on the Council, I fear for the future of this area and the City as a whole! In the meantime, though SALUTES TO THE OLD NORTHEAST!

Anonymous said...

We need to delete more of the bullshit free speech around here.