Friday, September 15, 2017

The Kansas City Friday Link Squeeze

Well-worn pr0n hottie Ava inspires this afternoon Kansas City news update as we pilfer the Kansas City news links and come up with the most interesting stories for further discussion.

Take a sniff . . .

Middle-Class KC Life Cont'd

Red Friday: Kansas City transforms into Chiefs Kingdom ahead of home opener

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City officially turns into Chiefs Kingdom today. The Friday before the first Chiefs home game of the season is Red Friday. Many of the city's fountains are dyed red, and flags are waving in the Plaza, Westport, and downtown. Kansas City is turning red and #ChiefsKingdom is ready.

Golden Ghetto Crime Spree

Thieves break into dozens of vehicles at UPS facility in Lenexa

Thieves targeted dozens of vehicles at a UPS warehouse in Lenexa, Kansas. About 30 vehicles were broken into early Friday. Police also said that at least five vehicles were broken into at a nearby hotel. Police said the thieves used a tool to smash the windows to get inside and steal valuables.

One Less Friend For Mayor Sly

Harvard Withdraws Fellowship Invitation To Chelsea Manning

The Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School announced Wednesday that Chelsea Manning would be one of its visiting fellows, but less than two days later, the school's dean withdrew the invitation. Manning, a 29-year-old transgender woman, formerly known as Bradley Manning, was convicted of leaking classified information.

Airport Crash & Burn Cont'd

Cover Story: KCI project is in for a bumpy landing - Kansas City Business Journal

"We're very excited and a bit surprised to have heard that." Those were Dan Moylan 's first words when asked about a selection committee recommending the Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate team to design, build and finance a new terminal for Kansas City International Airport.

Home Town New Hope

KC has never seen a player like Whit Merrifield. Why his rise was years in the making

The piece of paper was taped to the inside of his locker earlier this summer, a clubhouse prank that served as a statement of sorts. Whit Merrifield showed up to work one day, and there it was. On the front of a wooden cupboard door was a faux advertisement, neatly printed out and sized to 8 1/2 -by-11 paper.

Not Exactly A Done Deal

Chiefs writer gives 3 reasons why the Eagles could upset Kansas City

The Philadelphia Eagles are set to face their toughest challenge of the 2017 NFL season this Sunday. OK, so it's only their second game. Still, this one doesn't look easy on paper. The Chiefs are coming off a convincing road win over the Patriots. That's not easy to do.

Tasty Kansas City News Hole

Foo's Frozen Custard + Guilty Pleasures

Our reporter re-visits Foo's Fabulous Frozen Custard, where she worked during high school, then the Food Critics search out the best guilty pleasures on

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Anonymous said...

I can tell that thief is going to have his hands full in just a few moments.

Hope Ava doesn't take a bite out of crime.

Anonymous said...


While leaving the Hillary Clinton book tour interview, Ava lost her panties and advised the thief to use the "single-nostril" technique for obtaining a higher high!!!

JoCoPost said...

Tony, please just reprise Rob Roberts' great stories from KCBJ, because we are not gonna pay $115 for the annual digital subscription!
True, we did get to see the photo of Jolie Justus dressed like a bag lady from the 80's. Frumpy hair, cheap fake pearls, a blue
print polyester baggy dress, topped with a mismatched camel cardigan.

This is no Michelle Obama nod to JCrew, as an American manufacturer.

No wonder the "suits" at Burns&Mac thought they could toss her $12 grand to buy her vote. She has no credibility. She doesn't dress like a power player. She dresses like a PTA mom from the west side, going to the protest of the brewery. she may work for a big law firm, but they'd never let her within a mile of a big business client.

At least Chelsea Manning looks hot. And proud to be a woman, not embarrassed of it.

Silverback Sly said...

Hopefully someone with a sense of pride doles out some street justice to Bradley Funkhouser Manning

Anonymous said...

Bradley Manning is not a women. Idiots

Anonymous said...

^^^ does Bradley/Chelsea still have his balls, or did he/she give them to you?

Byron Funkhouser said...

12:29, "someone", but not you, because you're an anonymous pussy.

Anonymous said...

^^^ compared to a known pussy like you, Funkhouser?

Anonymous said...

Tracy are the dishes done ?

JoCoPost said...

Nope--I am busy baking scones to sell to forelorn customers outside of Room 39. The customers are in mourning since some fool broke in and stole the last scone.