Thursday, September 21, 2017


Classic Jordan and a bevy of news items worth a peek for this afternoon link pool . . .

TKC Told You So: New Airport Anti-Climax

Kansas City Council Approves Edgemoor For KCI Terminal Project

In a milestone for the future of Kansas City International Airport, the Kansas City Council on Thursday approved a team led by Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate to design, build and finance a new terminal.

KCPD Now Hiring

911 Call Center staffing is a very high priority

9-1-1 is the public's literal life-line, and I take our responsibility to respond to and manage that life-line very seriously. The call-takers and dispatchers of the KCPD take calls and dispatch not just for police, but also for EMS, the Fire Department and Animal Health and Safety.

Creeper Advisory In The Stix

Park Hill School District warning parents after multiple reports of a man approaching children

The Park Hill School District is issuing a warning on its facebook page to parents after several reported incidents of a man approaching children. The Kansas City Police Department notified the school district that they are investigating multiple reports of a man inappropriately approaching children.

The World According To The Professor

Steve Kraske gets it wrong about Bono, U2 and politics

"They are performers, and it is enough for them to do what people pay them to do, whether it be play music or football." - Carl LaSala, Leawood


Mario Zucca " Kansas City Map

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Hyperblogal said...

kraske has been going down the road of irrelevance for years .

Orphan of the Road said...

Hey Tony, you missed commemorating the Sacking and Rape of Osceola, MO by Lane and his Jayhawkers. Those lovely Free Staters who wanted neither slaves nor free blacks in Kansas. And who, like ISIS, hid among the women and children of Lawrence.

So let's let the KU alum try and justify that Jayhawk symbol of domestic terrorism.

Anonymous said...

KCPD Now Bullet Catchers for
the next episode of Hee Haw.

Anonymous said...

It's better in a hell hole
You know where you stand in a hell hole
Folks lend a hand in a hell hole

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony, you missed commemorating the Sacking and Rape of Osceola, MO by Lane and his Jayhawkers

No he didn't.

Josey Wales said...

6:20, link doesn't exist but appears it was from 2009.

Remember Osceola!

Anonymous said...

Goddamn you're an idiot, 6:25.

I mean, seriously fucking stupid.

The Internet wasn't even invented until 1881.

Anonymous said...

That's funny right there!!!

Anonymous said...

Kraske is an idiot

Anonymous said...

some of these local media people are allowed to play a role way over their capabilities because everyone else is productively employed.

it's a small town thing.

Anonymous said...

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