Friday, September 15, 2017

The Kansas City Early Friday Look

Artsy album art isn't really my bag but recent pix of Demi Lovato seem just a bit more intriguing than the average pop star fare and inspire this bit of morning news compilation.

Take a peek:

Show-Me Transit Hype

Hyperloop One zooms past Kansas City-St. Louis route - Startland News

The prospect of traveling from Hyperloop One - a tech firm that created a system propelling vehicles at speeds of about 760 miles per hour - announced Thursday its four winning U.S. routes, cutting Kansas City from a list of 11 semifinalists. In addition to the four U.S.

Progressives Against Sec. DeVos

As protesters rally across street, Education Secretary DeVos praises JCCC

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visited Johnson County Community College on Thursday as part of a weeklong tour and praised the college's job training programs. "It's part of our Rethink School tour that is focusing on innovation and creativity in education," DeVos told reporters after she visited with students and faculty at the school.

Kansas City Against History

One Strike From a Streak's End, Cleveland Indians Rally to Win 22nd Straight

In that sea of relievers was a name that had not appeared for quite some time: Andrew Miller, the Indians' ace reliever, who came off the disabled list and pitched a scoreless seventh. Cleveland was clearly rolling with or without Miller, but his return before the playoffs was yet another boost.

Weekend Working-Class Party

Waldo Fall Festival This Saturday 9/16

You don't have to live in Waldo to enjoy the Waldo Fall in it's 25th year! The big event is this Saturday, Sept 16 2017 in the parking lot at the southeast corner of 75th and Wornall. This is a family friendly event, with rides, music, food trucks, games, a petting zoo and...

Make Plans With McTavish

6 Unflinching Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

There are so many reasons to waver. But, dare I say, none this weekend? I dare! And so can you, with such unflinching things to do as steadfastly enduring a haunted house or two (or three), resolutely rooting in the stands for our Kansas City Chiefs in their 2017 season home-opener and tenaciously traversing the disturbing twists and turns of a classic Greek tragedy.

Beck - Up All Night is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

The cry baby libtards don't have to protest. The whole damn world knows Kansas City has been against education for decades. Just look at the school system (where no one has ever protested).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

^^^ stop choking on Byron's dick in your mouth.