Friday, September 08, 2017


Thanks to the Internets the decline of MSM cultural critics . . . Locals and other pundits have slammed the silly design that ruined classic Nelson-Atkins architecture. Thankfully, locals are too locked into their social media feed to care about KCMO design history. Checkit:

The Bloch Building Is Now 10 Years Old, So The Nelson-Atkins Museum Throws It A Party

At dusk on Friday, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art celebrates the Bloch Building's 10th anniversary with dance, sound sculpture and light. The free, outdoor event features around 40 dancers, musicians and technicians from the performance art collective Quixotic.


Anonymous said...

The only good things the Block Buildings ever had going for them were the Bookstore, the funky little Coffee Bar on the upper level, and being able to get from your car to the "Real Gallery" when it was raining!

Well, you can still stay out of the rain, but the Coffee Bar's now a playground for home schooled brats, and the Bookstore is crammed so full of unsold crap that you can't get through the aisles because of small clusters of blue-haired "ladies" wearing cloying volumes of perfume while they wave a book around in the air and prattle on and on to anyone within earshot about the time they went to Prague and "saw that painting"!

I had been a supporter of the Gallery since 1964, but stopped when I saw what they had done with the "Butler Barns"! It wasn't so much the incongruous look of those Farm Silos being erected next to an architectural Icon like the Nelson, it was that they had enshrined all the "1970s Pop Art" junk the Gallery's leaders had mistakenly spend money on way back then!

It's fine to display that sort of SOHO Garrett masturbation in venues designed for it like the Kemper or Nerman, but don't put it near the "Real Art" that we know and love!

(p.s. I also have a message for the horse you rode in on!)

agentzero said...

They gave Sly awards for Smart City and this building awards for being beautiful. Awards for everybody just like in Kindergarten. Enough said.

Hyperblogal said...

All that needed to be done was round the corners... make the buildings a glowing counterpart to the angular original building... but no..

Anonymous said...

As long as KC is 30 percent black we will need Bloch to take advantage of them. RAYSHITZM for profit is perfectly acceptable if you are libtard.

Anonymous said...

Butler Barns is the right info and the right image. The reality of Butler is on a plaque just to the right of the door to the garage. I guess everyone knows that art patron Norquist made his money at Butler Manufacturing

Tony Butholio said...

Tony Botello is right!!! Supporters of the Kansas City metro have attempted to build something and actually try to improve the city in way that motivates people to want to live in the city. How dare they!!! Tony Botello continues to live in his mom's basement and has no real job and has accomplished nothing other than lose a libel lawsuit. If he can't do anything meaningful then no one should either!!! Tony Botello seyz fuck Kansas City!!!!