Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Show-Me Website Policy Plans For Missouri

The latest online gimmick that has actually served to bring more people up-to-date about statewide government. Take a look at the Guv leveraging tech:

A click for your thoughts: Missouri governor crowdsources policy ideas

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens' online savvy extends beyond signing bills and executive orders on Facebook. This summer, he launched a website to crowdsource public policy ideas and ways to be more efficient through May 2018. It's an effort that's used in several other states where Republicans are at the helm.


Anonymous said...

I don't see much opinion on policy or future policy. I do see plenty of whining and bitching. Welcome to the new Missouri.

Anonymous said...

This is just an extension of "Project Redmap", where the GOP used large amounts of outside cash to finance local campaigns and eventually place Party Loyalists in charge of vote counting in enough areas that they could produce any result they wanted.

For example, in the State of Missouri, a maximum of 44% of the population's votes are now "counted". Don't ever forget that there is a process happening right now (The Pence/Koster Committee on Voter Fraud) to disenfranchise the American People completely!

Now the Governor can use the fraudulent and re-determined results of this to justify any policies his Masters demand.

Face it America, we have probably seen the last Presidential Election that will be held in this country, the 2020 Election will be "postponed" due to the "Massive amounts of Voter Fraud" discovered by Koster, but will be held "as soon as the voter rolls can be corrected". BYE-BYE FREEDOM I THE U. S. A.!

Anonymous said...

Dear Alt-Left, take off your Antifa bandana that covers your eyes, there is no voter supprssion in Missouri. Governor Guns-a-Blazin' is trying to make positive change to encourage economic activity (this will help your parents continue to finance your protesting lifestyle after you run out the spoils of your looting).

Anonymous said...

Wow, @ 12:50, "Governor Guns-A-Blazin"? "trying to make positive change"?

You bought into the Tea Party line and took a really deep chug of the Kool Ade didn't you? Isn't it apparent to you by know that the only things Governor "G.I. Jew" is doing are whatever Crosby Kemper and Rex Sinquefield tell him to?

The whole House of Cards downstream of the KC sewers is totally owned!

Don't expect anything except Corporate Tax Cuts, Repeal of Consumer Protection Laws and Union Busting, accompanied with further deterioration of the State's infrastructure!