Thursday, September 14, 2017

Show-Me Firefighters For Nicole Galloway

An impressive achievement for one of the rising stars in Missouri politics.

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Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters Unanimously Endorse: NICOLE GALLOWAY FOR MISSOURI AUDITOR

Kansas City, MO – The Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters is proud to announce its unanimous endorsement of Nicole Galloway for Missouri Auditor. “Her steadfast resolve to protect Missourians hard earned tax dollars and her commitment to hold both politicians and political subdivisions accountable for their actions has earned our highest endorsement,” said Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters President Sherwood Smith.

Auditor Galloway’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Masters of Business Administration, accompanied her being both a Certified Fraud Examiner and CPA, make her a clear Auditor choice for all of Missouri.

The Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters represents over 6,000 Firefighters, Emergency Medical Workers (EMT’s), Paramedics, Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys, Public Safety Officers, other First Responders and their families. Please contact Sherwood Smith with any questions.

Sherwood L. Smith


Byron Funkhouser said...

She looks like the real deal. You're lucky to have her.

Anonymous said...

She is the real deal. Your organization should endorse her, Byron. Gay Retards & Disability Frauds Council endorsing a politician is just what they need

Anonymous said...

One termer. Period.

Anonymous said...

She shore is purdy.

Anonymous said...

She would not be the first person to do a good job as auditor but a shitty job as chief executive of a city or state.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Uh huh, say nice things about the CERTIFIED FRAUD EXAMINER, Fraudy Funky!