Thursday, September 14, 2017

Should Kansas City Slow Down New MCI Single-Terminal Airport Effort???

An open question as the process becomes more of a media circus, lawsuits are being prepared and election jockeying is already underway:

Missouri think tank on KCI terminal: 'What's the rush?'

As Kansas City officials advocate for a new terminal at Kansas City International airport, there are some people who remain unconvinced the project is necessary or wise. Patrick Tuohey is a resident of Kansas City, Missouri and a spokesman for the Show Me Institute, a think tank that promotes free markets and individual liberty.


Anonymous said...

The rush is probably related to a bunch of attorneys and construction execs BMWs are a few years old and a lot of politicians need campaign contributions for the next mayor's campaign.

Anonymous said...

The rush is that just maybe this council will move the project forward while there is support.

A new council and mayor will kick the can down the road like this council has done.

Construction jobs, a better KCI, and revenue for cities and counties make this a no brainer.

Anonymous said...

Waiting 45 yrs is considered a rush by the Show Me Institute

Anonymous said...

Sure, @ 10:37, but leaving the most convenient Airport in the country alone is even more of a "no brainer"! All that we have to do is boot out the slugs whose misfeasance and malfeasance have allowed the Airport to deteriorate and then do some minor remodeling!


Anonymous said...

Calling Show-Me a think tank is equivalent to calling Gwen Grant a caucasian.