Thursday, September 21, 2017

Selling The BILLION DOLLAR #NewKCI Airport Dream To Skeptical Kansas City Voters

Newspaper starts the pitch. Checkit:

Council makes the right KCI decision by picking Edgemoor. Is a better airport finally in sight?

Kansas Citians who want a better airport - and a brighter regional future - can take a deep breath. That future is finally in sight. Voting 10 to 2 Thursday, the Kansas City Council endorsed Edgemoor Infrastructure and Real Estate as the developer of the $1 billion project.


Anonymous said...

Still no agreement, no details, no pictures. So far it's Nancy Pelosi International - you have to build it to see what's in it. No thanks.

Super Dave said...

Didn't know the voters voted this a done deal.

Anonymous said...

Bankrupt newspapers should get no opinion on billion dollar projects.

Anonymous said...

Vote no. Our city deserves honest leaders.

Anonymous said...

Remodel KCI!

Anonymous said...

my guess is that passing a vote would require design photos and detailed feature descriptions.

since it's getting to be autumn, it's already getting late to use a design to persuade voters.

the notion that the simple concept of a shiny new terminal will suffice isn't right, imho. the existing airport is beloved by a certain core group, who'll trumpet that in the election.

the swing voters are going to be the "show-me" voters. it's missouri.

Anonymous said...

Wait, what? We need a new airport? Says who?

Anonymous said...

Fuck sLIE James International Airport

seanot said...

If you say it long enough, people begin to believe it. "We deserve better." "If we build it, they will come." "I'm not a crook."

Hyperblogal said...

Good ideas sell themselves. This one will require 10,000 billboards.

Anonymous said...

When Burns and McDoobie was leading the charge to completely and utterly destroy KCI the Star's Editorial Board had their tongues rammed so far up B&M's assholes that they were tickling their tonsils!
Now all of a sudden B&M is a steaming pile of dog shit and Edgemoor is "A Shining Star In The Hollywood Firmament"!
What the hell happened?

Did "Poorly" Dunn Construction cut a better deal with Edgemoor that B&M would offer? That would explain things, wouldn't it?
One call from "Badly" Dunn to the Star and another to the "Joke on Oak" is all it would take to bring about the unbelievable switcheroo that we've just seen!
Cause you'd better believe that both the Star and the Joke know which side of their Shit Sandwiches have "Never Quite" Dunn's warm creamy spread on them!


Anonymous said...

It will cost a BILLION to build it and then there is a BILLION FOR THE DEVELOPER. That is 2 Billion. Forget it