Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Rock Chalk Campus Carry Scare Questions

Conservative Jack Cashill offers an important second look at a story that was dutifully accepted by local newsies but needs further examination. Checkit:

Did TA Who Reported Stolen Handgun at KU Testify against Concealed Carry? - The Sentinel

A graduate teaching assistant who called police about a gun found in a bathroom at the University of Kansas shares the same distinctive name as a woman who offered testimony to the Kansas Legislature on campus concealed carry.


Anonymous said...

As Winny the Poo likes to say: curiouser and curiouser. When this first came out, the comments (on TKC) ere a flurry of skepticism with some liberal activists thrown in for good measure. Now we find out that the woman at the "start" of this incident concocted a story about a family member pointing a gun at her boyfriend IN TESTIMONY TO A SENATE COMMITTEE!!! Holy smokes, can she not be investigated for whatever charge lying to members while under oath would incur??? So, now the narrative has changed to a more familiar tone: an activist-type who has an agenda to push is the one who finds evidence supporting her agenda? SJWs UNITE! Eureka, it's a miracle, not coincidental at all. Nothing like the SJW-BLM activity at MU where to a tee the "evidence" that was found to be completely fabricated i.e. nothing other than "testimony" from activist-type "witnesses" no corroborating police reports or even investigation.

Man oh man, I hope this doesn't get brushed under the rug in the name of the greater good. There is actual, dangerous, legitimate crime involved here that I think we would find tied to this activist.

Thank you again TKC for putting this information out there that otherwise will not be heard ANYWHERE, most especially in the halls of the KCSTAR, or ANY local radio or TV broadcast.

Anonymous said...

Diz iz zome important zhit! For doze who don know wut rock chalk iz, likez all youz implantz to MO, itz da ztuff teacherz uze ta write zhit on a chalkboard at dat Univerzity.

Anonymous said...

She's just a stealth version of Melissa Click, trying to ram through her agenda on a college campus.

Anonymous said...

This is false police reporting NO DOUBT... what worthless POS they are

Anonymous said...

Jack Cashill is a has been.

He had his day.

Anonymous said...

Jack Cashill is a never was. Cashill only thinks he's great.

Anonymous said...

Okay, time for Jackal the Ripper part deux. I've got a theory to float / some questiones to ax:

1. Would a SJW steal a gun to make a point? Not likely; they would support this action by others but as it carries a real penalty would probably not do it themselves.

2. Would a SJW Activist/Antifa steal a gun? Yes, they are fully drunk on the progressive koolaid and can and will justify anything to further their cause.

3. Would a SJ warrior leave their own gun on a toilet to support their agenda? No, it would result in ordinance violations and fines.

4. Would a SJ warrior report their gun stolen for use by another SJW in order to promote their agenda? Hmm, that gives both parties a hands-off involvement. Minimal/No chance of criminal investigation. Easy setup to have an unknowing party report a weapon to a TA who could then report to police.

Thought four is pretty far out there, but I'd sure like to know if the gun Owner is heavily involved in the dem party. As far as the police investigation? Nah, they take a report, toss it in a file. There is neither time nor man power to investigate a stolen weapon in the KC metro.

Tracy Thomas said...

I wondered when I heard the first story, who would leave a gun in a bathroom.

Jack connected the dots. It was planted.

And I agree, that is providing false evidence to law enforcement. She should be required to now take a polygraph test, and face the consequences.

Good reporting. And thanks to Tony for sharing what the MSM overlooked or didn't want to report.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, you are the most beautiful woman ever.

Anonymous said...

Maybe expain why deez women up dere in age continue 2 tri 2 pretend dat dey r in dere 20z!

Anonymous said...

Back in the day, it was called Bearing False Witness and punished severely.

Anonymous said...

No matter how much of a big deal the libtard press tries to make out of this gun issue it still wont make a hill of beans compared to the number of Obama pardoned felons that will commit violent crimes over the next few years, but you can bet your as they wont be broadcasting the facts.

Anonymous said...

Obvious set up by a libtard with the usual activist agenda. Fake news.

Anonymous said...

Can we get some muscle over here to remove this gun which was planted by "a student who wishes to remain anonymous"?

Just another whiny snowflake...

Anonymous said...

@Tracy, I respect your opinion and generally agree with you, but the polygraph test has never been, and will never be, an accurate measurement of truth. That is also why it is never admissible in a judicial setting. The problem is this: if the person taking the "test" believes strongly enough in what they lied about, the machine will not be able to tell the difference. Here is what I would do: the State police initiate an investigation of brandishing a weapon, a misdemeanor at least. Call in the boyfriend and get his testimony, then call in the relative, get his testimony and let him know he could do some jail time / large fines. At some point, between those three, one will crack. Either the boyfriend refuses to continue the lie under oath to the cops, or the "relative" says the whole thing was a setup to avoid fines/time. This is a prime investigation for the State police: a weapons incident was made public in testimony to the Senate in Topeka having occurred under a different municipal jurisdiction. Neither of the municipal jurisdictions have the authority to investigate outside of their purview; the State police can help.

Tracy Thomas said...

Brilliant, 9:05!!! Thank you. I learned alot from your post. You clearly know your law.

Interesting about polygraphs. True believers can convince their hearts not to race--since the polygraph their blood pressure. They also believe the ends justify the means. Hope they are brought to justice. They believe in posse justice.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, this does offend my civically minded sensibilities. @Tracy, stay tuned this afternoon for some text you may feel free to use in a letter to your Senator/Rep regarding this incident.

Tracy Thomas said...


Now THIS is my idea of how the TKC community can make a difference.
So much better than trolls bitching and making ad hominem attacks.
Actual commentary, driven by conscience--
and speaking to the TOPIC.

A good day in KC.

Anonymous said...

Actually polygraph results have been admitted as evidence in court.

Anonymous said...


Dear Mr. Barker, Chairman, Federal and State Affairs Committee;

It has come to our attention that in written testimony during the debate of HB 2074, members of the Federal and State Affairs Committee were made aware of a potential Statute or Criminal offence committed within the State of Kansas in violation of applicable sections within K.S.A. 2011 Supp. §§ 21-5220 through 21-5231. Within the testimony, the witness described in detail the brandishing of a weapon and described the actions of a relative directed toward the witness and their significant other including intimidation and fear. The description of the incident, if accurate, demonstrates extreme carelessness and the threat of "Use of Force" per 21-5221 Sec. 1, Part B.

As this incident likely occurred in a municipality outside of Shawnee County, where the testimony was presented, we would request that the State Legislature direct the Capitol Police within the Kansas State Highway Patrol to initiate an investigation into the matter in order to protect not only those directly involved with the incident but others who may become involved in future incidents with the alleged perpetrator described in the testimony.

All responsible firearm owners should know proper and safe behavior in the handling and use of firearms, especially one who has completed the Kansas Hunter Education course through the Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism as had the alleged perpetrator in the incident described in the testimony to the Legislature. If during the course of the proposed investigation it is found that the incident did occur as described, the Legislature might review the policies and course material in place regarding KHE certification program to ensure all enrollees are aware of the high level of responsibility that comes with gun Ownership.

With Regards,

A Concerned Citizen

Anonymous said...

Something to keep in mind, if anyone actually proceeds forward with that text, is that it could indeed cause a great amount of hurt to a family man if the testimony, people and events are factual. I just don't know any other way to cause the facts to be brought forth.

Anonymous said...

And the Dear Mr/Mrs is the appropriate salutation for a legislator that is NOT a State Senator. Legislator/Chair/etc are not considered honorifics.

Tracy Thomas said...

Dear 11:32--
I appreciate your draft.

However, I am far more concerned about the woman, of the same name, and possibly the same woman, who made a potentially FALSE REPORT to the KU campus police, about a supposed abandoned gun left in a campus bathroom. Which never made sense. And now appears to be a PLANT, designed to generate a crime report and a news story, in connection and in protest to the new law allowing concealed carry on KU's campus.

I don't have time to menace the same woman for her testimony about an incident in her HOME, to a Ks. legislative committee. She's kinda hysterical in my opinion. Law enforcement had every opportunity to pursue that.

To me, the problem is the potential planting of evidence, and then lying to law enforcement about it. That's the only thing I would want to pursue.

Do you have a draft for how to proceed on that? Please and thank you.