Sunday, September 24, 2017

Robber Met With Bullets In Raytown

The inner-suburbs fights back against rising crime as the level of local violence escalates. Take a look:

Gunfire exchanged during robbery in Raytown

Raytown Police responded to the 8500 block of E. 85th St. on a report of a burglary of a residence. The homeowner observed a black male burglarizing his residence. The suspect then produced a handgun and fired shots at the homeowner. The homeowner fired shots back at the suspect.


Citizen said...

Good job defending yourself.

Anonymous said...

The crooks were probably on house arrest in Jackson County since our jail is a mess and our judges are weak.

Anonymous said...

Man I love a comedy. Hope more homeowners shoot break in perps and hope their aim gets better.

Best news this year homeowner shoots robber. We need a whole lot more of that.